Romances bloom on every campus, whether in a video game or at your local university.

In Two Point Campus, developing romances are simple, but the mechanics are confusing because there are romantic stages you need to account for.

You might have come across different objectives involving romances. They are pretty easy ones if you know how to develop sweetheart romances in Two Point Campus.

Here is everything you need to know about romance levels and how to finish these objectives in the nick of time.

What Are Romances?

Romance Fulfilled

During the course (pun intended) of the academic year, students will seek potential partners. They are completely random, but there are ways you can help these students develop them faster.

Romances can happen even without any objectives. You are probably here because you need to finish an objective to ship these students and staff members together.

Your objectives can all have different texts or dialogues, but here is why they are different.

When you encounter new romances, these are relationships that start from a crush to dating.

If it is developing sweetheart romances, it is moving from dating to sweethearts in their relationship.

Here are all the types of romances and their respective levels in Two Point Campus

  • Crush – Level 1
  • Dating – Level 2
  • Sweethearts – Level 3
  • Soulmates – Level 4

So, how do you develop these romances from all levels and satisfy personal goals, and finish objectives?

How to Develop Romances

You can develop romances by placing items around your campus with the specified romances types listed above.

There are only a few items that can affect romance, but they are easily available early in the game. You might need to earn some Kudosh to unlock some of these too.

Since the most basic items that develop romances start from crushes to dating, how do students or staff members develop crushes?

Well, these are completely random. You need to have a very active and happy environment to help these romances spark.

You will randomly find students and staff members request for these items that develop romances whenever they feel like they want to start something with someone.

Your overall population will help with developing romances as well because there are more people.

To start, let’s go through each level after these people develop their crushes.

Crush to Dating level 1 2

For crushes to dating, you would need Love Benches to develop them. You can place these on the exterior. Placing more than one can help if your population is large enough.

Dating to Sweethearts level 2 3

To move from dating to sweethearts, you need Tree Benches. You can add a couple of these on the exterior as well.

You don’t need to place a ton of these like the Love Benches if your population is large. Going from level 2 to level 3 is more uncommon for relationships here.

Sweethearts to Soulmates level 3 4

For the last one, sweethearts to soulmates need a Rose Garden, Double Jump Bed, or a Love Trumpet to develop the romance.

Rose Gardens can be placed outside. A Double Jump Bed can be placed inside a Dormitory room. The Love Trumpet can be placed anywhere indoors that isn’t a special room.

Tips on Developing Romances

As previously mentioned, you need to factor in your current population. Placing a ton of Love Benches in a particular spot isn’t going to help if you haven’t even expanded your campus yet.

Avoid using Double Jump Bed or Love Trumpets. They take up valuable space inside the rooms. The exterior of the campus is much more spacious, and you don’t need to place a lot of things outside.

Romance Love Trumpet

If your campus is more into sports or combat courses, your exterior space is more valuable, so you can opt to use the Double Jump Bed and Love Trumpets to develop these romances.

You can also decrease the tuition fees for your campus as it adds more students enrolling. With more students, you need to hire more staff members.

Your general population will become larger, and you can easily develop more romances.

Earning more Course Points will let you upgrade your courses and accept more applicants. This can also help you develop more romances by adding more people.

Student Union Party

Throwing events and increasing your room prestige levels can also help because the student’s and the staff member’s happiness matters as well.