Whether you just buy weapons, armor, or special ingredients, you will need Rupees. Considering how often things break in TOTK, you will need a lot of it.

Luckily, there are quite a few ways to farm rupees in this game. So, if you don’t want to go for an unbreakable sword, you might as well keep reading.

Check below how to farm rupees in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Best Ways to Farm Rupees

These are the three best ways to farm Rupees:

  • Repeat the Glider Challenge at the top of Eventide Island
  • Collect gems after feeding a Dondon with luminous stones
  • Sell Meat Skewers made with Gourmet Meat

Eventide Island Location

Eventide Island is to the extreme southeast of the map in Tears of the Kingdom, beyond East Necluda.

This area is usually recommended for those who have already cleared a decent part of the map and are already quite powerful.

If that’s not your case, make sure to gear up before travelling to Toronbo Beach.

Once you get there, beat the Side Quest to have access to a repeatable challenge.

That’s the challenge that will make you a lot of money in Tears of the Kingdom.

Each time you beat this challenge, you should get a decent amount of rupees. Doing this for over an hour will grant you about 5 thousand rupees.

Where to find Dondons and Luminous Stones

Dondons are large bison-looking creatures that you will find around Lakeside Stable.

Before getting there, make sure that you have enough luminous stones to feed these creatures. Throw one next to each Dondon and wait it out.

In fact, it might be a good idea to go do something else for a while.

Later, you will find gems on the ground. You can keep repeating this process while you do something else.

As for where to find the Luminous Stones, look for a cave right between the Yamiyo Shrine and the Ren-iz Shrine.

The first one is to the Northeast of the Hyrule Field, and the other is to Eldin Canyon’s Southwest.

The cave is called Cranel Hills Cave. You will find plenty of Luminous Stones in front of it and inside of it.

Where to Find Gourmet Meat

This is one of the best areas to find Gourmet Meat, but you will need a horse. Once you have one, roam around the area marked in the map and look for bears, moose, and wolves.

Once you find one of these, jump from the horse and hit them in the face. This will instantly defeat them and probably grant you either Raw Gourmet Meat or Raw Prime Meat.

Sometimes bears drop Hearty Salmon as well.

Just do that for a while until you have way too many of these items.

Alternatively, if you find a Bokoblin riding a bear, there is an even easier way. Save the game, shoot the bear, take the meat, save it again, and load it.

As long as the Bokoblin was left alive, the bear will respawn once you load the game. Shoot it in the face again, take the meat, and repeat.

What to Do Next

If you have enough money, maybe it’s time for you to gear up and beat 20 shrines. That way, you might get a shot at claiming the Master Sword.

It might also be a good idea to learn how to repair your items so you can make your purchased gear last long enough.