There are lots of ways to take down enemies in Tears of the Kingdom.

Whether you prefer melee weapons like axes and swords, ranged weapons with unique attachments, or even magical items, there’s bound to be the perfect weapon in this game to suit your playstyle.

One unique way to initiate a fight with enemies in TotK is to throw something at them. It’s also a useful way to clear out your inventory if you’ve ended up with too many items.

Here’s a quick guide on how to throw things in Tears of the Kingdom, including tips on how to throw your weapon at your enemies.

How to Throw Items

To throw regular items, you’ll need to make sure that they’re in your inventory first.

You can throw most things, including different elixir ingredients, raw materials like Flint and Salt, and monster parts like Keese Eyeballs. There are some items you can’t throw, like meals.

To throw an item, hold down the R button. This will focus your view and turn on motion controls.

From there, you’ll need to press the up button on your D-Pad and pick the item that you want to throw. You can use R to swipe through the list of the items that you have in your inventory.

Then, let go of the up button, aim, and let go of the R button.

Link will then throw the item you’ve selected in the direction you’re facing. The physics in Tears of the Kingdom are quite good, and the item will bounce or roll away depending on what it is and where you’ve thrown it.

You can retrieve your item after throwing it. Just run up to it and select it in order to add it back into your inventory.

How to Throw Your Weapon

You can also throw weapons in Tears of the Kingdom, which is a useful trick to pull out in the middle of a battle.

Throwing a weapon is a lot quicker than throwing a regular item.

To throw a weapon, first open up your inventory and check that you have the weapon you want to throw equipped.

Then, hold down R and take aim. Much like throwing an item, motion controls will automatically turn on when you aim in this fashion.

As soon as you let go of the R button, Link will throw the weapon in your chosen direction.

This can do damage to enemies, although it won’t be as much as actually striking them with a weapon, and you can retrieve the weapon straight after throwing it if you choose.

What to Do Next

Now that you know how to throw items and weapons to bewilder your enemies, why not brush up on your other combat skills? Being able to successfully execute enemies with a stealth attack and change your weapons on the fly will come in handy.

If you’re just getting started with Tears of the Kingdom, make sure to hunt down the first few Shrines before doing anything else.

In particular, look for the Ukouh Shrine and the In-isa Shrine, too. These Shrines will teach you some incredibly useful abilities, like the Ultra Hand ability and Fuse.