Although Volo is not a playable companion in the game, you can still have this scholar stay at your camp after finishing the quest.

In this article, we will guide you on the location of Volo, how to start the quest, and what you need to do in order to complete it.

So, if you want to know how to rescue Volo in Baldur’s Gate 3, keep reading to find out.

How to Start the Quest

Volo Location Goblin Camp

This quest can only start once you leave the Blighted Village. First, you will need to cross a wooden bridge to enter the Goblin Camp territory.

At this point, you will encounter Sentinel Olak, who will ask you why you’re there. It is possible to persuade him through the use of various ability checks or rolls, including using the parasite.

If successful, Olak will instruct you to rub poop on your face to prove your loyalty to the goblins. You can choose to comply or start a fight.

Since drows were commonly seen as an evil race that lived underground, goblins are less suspicious of them. If your character is a drow, you might have a much easier time here.

If you opt for the peaceful method, you can ask Olak about Halsin and learn that he is likely in the pits.

Afterward, head north deeper into the camp, but don’t try to sneak around. Doing so will cause a scout to warn you.

Finding Volo

Volo is within the Goblin village. In order to find him, you will need to enter the next gate to the north, where the goblin leaders are.

Head straight after entering the gate and turn left. You should be able to see the quest symbol marker on your minimap, and Volo will be in a room with a drunk Gribbo watching him.

Rescuing Volo From the Cage

This part is tricky. Everything will be marked red, and interacting with anything will cause the goblins to get angry and potentially fight you.

Volo will be locked in a cage, and Grobbo has the key. If you try pickpocketing her, you will need to be successful on a d20 roll. You might want to do a manual save in this area before trying anything.

The problem with stealing the cage key is that Grobbo never leaves the room, and there will be another goblin patrolling the area. You will have no way of opening Volo’s cage without these goblins noticing.

I suggest you go for the method in the video above. Wait for the patrolling goblin to enter and interact with Grobbo, then kill one of them. Start with the one that is patrolling the area since Grobbo is a lot weaker.

There is a chance you can one-shot the goblin with a good roll from Astarion’s melee sneak attack. Be aware of another goblin outside the room who will join the fight.

These goblins will throw bombs at you. Make sure to ungroup all your characters and spread them throughout the room to prevent them all from taking damage.

You can choose to have two characters outside the room to deal with the other goblin, but it is also a good strategy to lure them inside the room instead.

Kill all of them and loot all items. You’ll find two keys, one for Volo and one for another prisoner who is in the other room.

After freeing Volo from the cage, you can learn his story and how he got captured by the goblins. You can choose to tell him about your camp so that he will stay there and tell you more about the mind flayers.

The alternate way to rescue Volo is by talking to Grobbo and making an intimidation check. If your roll is high enough, it might work.

After that, talk to Volo, and he will slip out of the cage by using his invisibility potion. You will see Volo in your camp after this.

Rewards From the Quest

Sadly, the only reward you will get is getting this scholar at your camp and helping you on your journey to remove the parasite.

You still get green weapons from the goblins, so it can be useful in the early game. If you are desperate for gold, you might wanna try pickpocketing merchants or stealing.