The decision of whether to break Wyll’s pact with the devil Mizora to save the Grand Duke stands as a pivotal moment in Baldur’s Gate 3.

It’s an impossible choice that challenges his morals. He has to decide between his own freedom and saving his father.

Mizora’s deal is very much what you’d expect from a D&D devil. It has dire consequences in exchange for its advantages, shaping the unfolding narrative and future of the city.

Should Wyll take Mizora’s deal in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Can You Save Wyll’s Father Without Mizora?

Absolutely, you can rescue Wyll’s father, the Grand Duke, without relying on Mizora’s assistance.

If you’re prepared to face the challenge, this route permits you to sever Wyll’s pact with Mizora while simultaneously liberating his father from captivity.

However, be ready for a more arduous escape, as Mizora will actively obstruct your progress.

To achieve this outcome, you must promptly approach Gortash upon his invitation. Cooperate with his plan, await his ascension to the role of Grand Duke, and then engage Mizora in conversation.

She will propose a choice: reveal Wyll’s father’s location or allow his father to perish while breaking the Warlock Pact. Opt to break the pact.

Subsequently, search for the prison where the Gondians, members of the Iron Guard, are held captive—known as the Iron Throne prison.

Within its confines, you will not only encounter the families of the Gondians but also Wyll’s father.

Anticipate Mizora’s resistance to your rescue efforts. She will complicate matters by conjuring spiders to threaten the safety of the Grand Duke.

Keep the Grand Duke alive by either healing him or casting Sanctuary upon him.

Break Wyll’s Pact and Condemn the Duke

By breaking the pact between Wyll and Mizora, you emancipate Wyll from her influence.

He will retain his Warlock powers until the Absolute threat is addressed, rendering him a valuable ally throughout the campaign.

Post-resolution, he will revert to being an ordinary man, albeit one who has regained his freedom.

Please note that selecting this option without encountering Gortash or after visiting the Iron Throne will result in the Duke’s demise. Mizora’s proposition becomes a choice between either resurrecting Wyll’s father and breaking the pact.

Save Wyll’s Father by Upholding the Pact

If you decide to persuade Wyll to uphold his pact with Mizora, you will uncover the whereabouts of Wyll’s imprisoned father.

Mizora will even provide assistance in orchestrating his escape. However, this decision binds Wyll’s soul to Mizora’s, eventually compelling him to serve her.

This choice considerably simplifies the task of rescuing the Grand Duke.

Wyll is a heroic character and will try his best to save everyone and that makes Karlach be very fond of him.

This moment of his quest and how they interact with Mizora is one of the most interesting things in Baldur’s Gate 3.