The world of BG3 is much bigger than it seems. The surface might seem limited at first glance, but venture deeper, and you’ll unveil a mysterious realm beneath the known terrain known as the Underdark. 

This dark place is an entire world below the ground with its inhabitants, ecosystems, and quests awaiting the intrepid adventurer who dares to explore its depths. 

That said, entering this realm isn’t straightforward; it requires strategic planning and resourcefulness. 

Luckily, you just found a guide on how to Enter the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Location of Each Underdark Entrance

There are at least four ways to get into the Underdark. Each will make you land in different areas, and some are harder to find than others.

Some entrances are not intuitive and might demand you to deeply understand the game’s mechanics or think outside the box.

Luckily, we have them all listed here, where to find them, and what you need to do to enter the Underdark in BG3.

The Whispering Depths Dungeon

  1. Location: Blighted Village Well
  2. Access: Descend the well near the Blighted Village waypoint.
  3. Challenge: Navigate through a spider-infested dungeon.
  4. Boss: The Phase Spider Matriarch.
  5. Entry Method: Use Feather Fall to safely jump down the pit after defeating the Phase Spider Matriarch.

The Defiled Temple

  1. Location: Northwestern Goblin Camp – Shattered Sanctum
  2. Access: Unlock the door in Priestess Gut’s private room.
  3. Challenge: Solve a stone puzzle to unlock the passage.
  4. Entry Method: Open the door by solving the puzzle, granting access to the Underdark.

Auntie Ethel’s Portal

  1. Location: South Bog Area – Auntie Ethel’s Teahouse. The same you visit to save Mayrina.
  2. Access: Traverse through the second illusory door within Auntie Ethel’s and then through the portal within. In order to go through the second portal, you must be wearing a
  3. Challenge: Overcome obstacles, including encased man and gas pods.
  4. Boss: Defeat Auntie Ethel to reach the pit.
  5. Entry Method: Jump into the pit using Feather Fall.

The Zhentarim Hideout Elevator

  1. Location: Waukeen’s Rest Town
  2. Access: Find a hidden shed with locked doors.
  3. Challenge: Convince the guards to grant passage.
  4. Access the Elevator: Navigate the hideout, and unlock the elevator door using a lockpick.
  5. Entry Method: Activate the elevator to descend into the Underdark.

Prepare and Explore Wisely

As you delve into the Underdark, remember these crucial tips:

  • Recommended Level: Before venturing into the Underdark, it’s wise to be at least level 3-4 to effectively face the challenges ahead.
  • Feather Fall: Keep the Feather Fall spell ready for safe descents.
  • Combat Strategy: Plan your combat approach based on your party’s strengths and weaknesses, utilizing stealth, negotiation, or combat skills.
  • Underdark Locations: Upon entering the Underdark, you’ll encounter diverse locales, including the Mycanoid Colony, Grymforge, Adamantine Forge, and more.
  • Treasure and Peril: The Underdark holds valuable treasures and formidable foes. Approach each encounter with caution and a sharp eye for loot.

The Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a thrilling subterranean world teeming with challenges and rewards. Following the methods outlined in this guide will enable you to enter its depths and uncover its secrets.

The Underdark is a much more dangerous place than the wilderness of the world above it, and you should keep it in mind before venturing downward.