If you’ve been exploring Baldur’s Gate 3’s mysterious world, you might have encountered a woman trapped in a Mind Flayer pod.

Her name is Shadowheart, and she needs our help to break free from her unsettling confinement.

Setting her free is the game’s first side quest, and it might be quite easy to skip if you don’t pay attention to your surroundings.

If you are wondering how to free her, check below how to free Shadowheart from the Mindflayer pod.

How to Save Shadowheart

First, locate the console right next to Shadowheart’s pod. There’s a socket nearby, and we’ll need to find something to place inside it. So, head through the Sphincter to the room East of Shadowheart’s location.

In that room, you’ll come across another pod with someone inside. Look for a “Dead Thrall” nearby and search their body to find an Eldritch Rune. This is the key to unlocking the pod!

Take the Eldritch Rune back to Shadowheart’s console and select “Insert the Rune into the Socket,” followed by “Place Your Hand on the Console.”

Once you do this, something in your head will trigger. Select “Illithid (Wisdom): Will the pod to open.”

The pod will open, and Shadowheart will be freed, joining your party as a new ally for the rest of the game’s intro section.

Now that you have rescued Shadowheart, you can use her in the upcoming fight. As a powerful cleric, she can be a big help during battles.

If you got scared that she could be a problem after being freed, stop worrying.

There’s no downside in freeing the cleric at this point in the game. By saving the cleric, you’ll strengthen your relationship with her later.

In fact, this is a way to unlock one of the many potential romance options in this game.