In the depths of the sewers beneath Baldur’s Gate, you’ll encounter Aelis Siryasius, a wizard known for his affinity with grease-based spells.

However, his instability raises questions about how to handle him.

While he initially tolerates you if you prove you’re not an Absolute’s cult member, he becomes hostile later, regardless.

So, what should you do once you meet Aelis Siryasius in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Aelis Siryasius is Dangerous

Taking him out grants access to his treasure and solves the Sarin’s Skeleton puzzle. However, should you do that?

Generally speaking, there doesn’t seem to be any grave consequence for killing Aelis. If you want to keep him alive, make sure to toggle on the passive ability of non-lethal attacks before the final strike.

That said, there’s little to no point in doing so.

Sure, he hates Absolutists, but he might have killed his friends due to his paranoia. He is not innocent, and he certainly is unstable.

Even if you convince him you mean no harm, he will attack you immediately after you return to where he lives. You might be locked out of a side quest if you want to keep him alive and avoid confrontation.

If you decide to take him down, remember the number of Memphis and Elementals he has on his side. It’s going to take a lot of work.

You should eliminate Aelis Siryasius strategically if that’s something you must do. While you don’t have to initiate combat through dialogue, persuading him that you’re not part of the Absolute grants temporary tolerance.

Once you’ve passed this check, plan his downfall by attacking him or his elementals. Defeating Aelis, Siryasius unlocks access to the treasure in his den and solves the Sarin’s Skeleton puzzle.

How to Keep Aelis Siryasius Alive

It is not easy, but you have options.

First, you can try to deal enough damage to him only so you can cast sleep and deal with the rest of the creatures on the map.

This will be a challenging task. Casting spells will be much harder without risking waking Aelis up.

You can also toggle your non-lethal attacks on and knock him out. You can even do that after putting him to sleep. If you do that, push Aelis to a safer location before unleashing fireballs and lightning bolts on his creatures.

Finally, you can also try to return while invisible. Using potions of invisibility or spells that provide the same effect can allow you to reach Sarin’s resting place without being detected.

Reasons for Eliminating Aelis

1. Hostility Regardless: After persuading Aelis once, his patience wears thin. He becomes hostile when you return to his den, making his removal a practical choice.

2. Den’s Treasure: Killing him grants unhindered access to the locked treasure in his den, providing valuable rewards.

3. Sarin’s Skeleton Puzzle: His absence grants you access to the puzzle related to Sarin’s Skeleton, allowing you to solve it without risking being attacked.

While the initial dialogue might grant you a temporary reprieve, seizing the opportunity to eliminate Aelis Siryasius is advantageous.

It ensures the safety of your party and simplifies puzzle-solving within the area.

For a detailed guide on the Sarin’s Skeleton puzzle and how to maximize the loot for your party, refer to the comprehensive guide on my website.

It is sad to see what this wizard has become.

Baldur’s Gate 3 does throw you into bittersweet situations quite often. For instance, no matter how hard you try to save Mayrina from the hag, there always seems to be a catch.