Auntie Ethel, one of the many mysterious entities in BG3, presents players with two intriguing proposals.

The first is her offer to remove the tadpole parasite from your head. The second is a proposition to spare her life in exchange for more power.

Although her offers are tempting, they might sound too good to be true. Should you accept auntie Ethel’s offers in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Can Auntie Ethel Remove the Tadpole?

The first proposal seems tempting as it promises relief from the mind flayer parasite. However, despite her assurances, auntie Ethel fails to remove the parasite.

It turns out that the parasite has been tampered with by odd shadow magic, making it impossible for her to extract.

Accepting this proposal results not only in failing to remove the parasite but also in the loss of an eye, leaving you at a permanent disadvantage.

Should You Let Ethel Live?

The second proposal, to spare her life for more power, is another decision players must weigh carefully.

This only happens after you chase Ethel and find the place where she is hiding Mayrina.

There will be a crystal globe structure that lowers Mayrina’s cage once you interact with it, but getting close enough to the device will cause Ethel to appear.

While you do receive something here, it’s not a substantial gain. You receive a +1 bonus to one ability score.

However, in exchange, you’re left with an angry enemy who vows to have the last laugh. Not only that, but later you will find out that that Ethel might not be the only hag in the region.

Is It a Good Idea to Accept Ethel’s Offers?

Honestly, it isn’t. Everything in Ethel’s tea house is designed to make see how evil the hag is. The state of the survivors you find in the house show that making a deal with a hag is never a good idea.

Ethel isn’t the only character offering tempting deals. The Emperor and Raphael, the devil, also promise greater power.

Wyll’s entire plot line about becoming Mizora’s Warlock is based on bad deals and false promises.

Furthermore, granting Mayrina a better ending than remaining with the hag isn’t achievable by accepting whatever Ethel offers.

You probably won’t miss this +1 to a single Ability Score, and you can loot her body when she is finally defeated.

These proposals serve as stark reminders of the importance of weighing your options carefully in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Each decision can have significant consequences, affecting both your character’s abilities and their journey through the game.

The entire quest involving the tea house features unfortunate individuals who accepted Ethel’s offer, and rescuing them proves to be a challenging task.