After Act 2 concludes, a pivotal moment arises when your camp becomes the target of an attack by Githiyanki forces.

The Dream Visitor’s desperation becomes palpable as they implore for assistance within the prism, where he is under attack.

Upon successfully entering the portal and reuniting with your guardian, a stunning revelation emerges—he is none other than an Illithid, a mind flayer known as The Emperor.

Your dilemma is multifaceted: Should you support the Emperor in Baldur’s Gate 3, or does forming an alliance with a ghaik seem ill-advised?

What Happens If You Deny Help to the Illithid

Opting to stand resolute against the Dream Visitor‘s plea, withholding your assistance, leads the unfolding events down an unexpected and surreal path.

The Emperor’s alignment as a benevolent or malevolent figure becomes inconsequential in this scenario.

His role as your safeguard against the absolute holds paramount importance. Eliminating him only serves to expose you to the false god’s grasp.

With the loss of this protection, the Absolute commands your tadpole to transform you. Gradually, you undergo a metamorphosis into a mind flayer, resulting in an abrupt conclusion to your game.

Help the Mind Flayer

Regrettably, even if you harbor intentions of betrayal down the line, your current course of action necessitates rescuing The Emperor.

Relying on him becomes your best chance to thwart the tadpole’s complete alteration of your being.

It’s essential to acknowledge that while The Emperor aligns himself as an ally, his true nature as a mind flayer remains unchanged.

He urges you to embrace partial transformation to access Illithid powers, urging consideration for this proposition.

Proceeding with this path is not without complexities. Much akin to many aspects of the game, it bears multifarious implications capable of altering the course of future events.

Note that some of your companions might not like that you are taking a ghaik’s side, even if it does mean that you would not survive the Absolute’s power without the Emperor’s protection.

Final Thoughts

The mind flayer implores your support, urging unity against the common adversary—the Gythianki invaders.

The weight of this decision cannot be overstated.

Will you align with the mind flayer, recognizing the potential gains from this partnership? Or will you steadfastly resist his overtures?

Should you opt to heed the mind flayer’s call, a nuanced interplay of persuasion and power unfolds.

While his influence promises distinctive advantages, the consequences stretch far beyond the present moment. As you contemplate this alliance, the intricacies of destiny weave an increasingly intricate tapestry.

Power, whether in the hands of the mind flayer or the elected, brings forth its own web of complications. Each choice, spurred by conviction or practicality, resonates throughout the game’s fabric.

The ripple effect of your decisions transcends mere events, shaping the very essence of your journey.

As Baldur’s Gate 3 gradually reveals its hidden layers, navigate the blurred boundaries between trust and betrayal.

Every choice, grand or modest, etches its indelible mark onto the canvas of fate, forging a distinctive narrative that is uniquely yours.