At some point during the MW2 campaign, you will have to fight enemies who are wearing armor and carrying shields. You first have to deal with this challenge in Las Almas.

When you are trying to figure out how to find Hassan, the Mexican cartel will send corrupted army soldiers to catch you and your crew.

Once they arrive, you will notice that dealing with them isn’t easy. They are wearing light armor and tactical ballistic shields.

Don’t worry, though. It’s not that complicated to deal with them. Here’s how to defeat armored enemies in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

How to Defeat Armored Enemies in MW2

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There are not a lot of secrets when it comes to defeating armored enemies.

Basically, you can shoot them down, but it will take longer than shooting down a regular enemy.

In some cases, it takes way longer. Therefore, trading body shots with them might not be the best idea. In case you are outnumbered or in a hurry to complete a mission, trading shots with a crew of armored soldiers is a certified way to fail.

Headshots tend to do the trick, but chances are you will have to hit them on the head a few times.

Make sure to use a weapon that packs a punch, like a good rifle, whenever it’s possible. Two headshots from a Kastov 762 are usually enough.

These guards can withstand a lot of damage to other body parts. Even unloading an SMG on them might take too long to take one down. Believe me, I tried.

All that said, if you are on a mission where you have the time and means to approach them, do it.

If you isolate an armored enemy or manage to stealthy get close enough, you might be able to perform a melee takedown.

In the Alone mission, this will be the most effective way to take down an armored Shadow mercenary since soap will spend a long time unarmed.

In case you can’t approach them, you just have to make sure you won’t be wasting your bullets on their vests and shields.

Stay away, make every shot count, and use a grenade if you ever feel overwhelmed.

How To Defeat Enemies With Shields


Enemies with shields are a bit annoying.

Firstly, don’t waste your bullets on these enemies. Unless you are lucky enough to hit their feet when they’re moving, your gun won’t work on them.

I’ve tried to gun them down to see how much fire they can withstand. Turns out, they can be there forever.

The best approach here is to use frag grenades. Just throw a grenade between enemies with shields. Try hitting as many of them as possible with a single grenade. Make each of them count.

Weapons with AOE damage are handy when there are heaps of enemies.

Tips and Tricks


Although armored enemies might be annoying, don’t feel like you have to save ammo every single time you’re dealing with them.

If you are in any part of the campaign where you have to use all your bullets, just do it. That would probably mean that there will be many bodies on the ground for you to loot.

Don’t forget that the game is designed to make you win, and you can’t win without bullets.

On top of that, they might carry weapons that can help you deal with them. Although the weapons enemies have are not necessarily better, some might make it easier for you to deal with shields and armor.

When dealing with Hassan’s men, the armored guards often carry shotguns, which are very effective against their armor from the right distance.

When trying to rescue Laswell, Hassan’s men will try to get close and one-shot you.

Once you manage to take the first one down, which you can do by using a melee take down or head shotting them enough, take their shotgun and use it.

A couple of well-placed shots from a shotgun are enough to defeat one of them. Even hitting them in the upper chest a couple of times is most likely enough.

This is not the only mission that has subtle tips on how to finish it. For that reason, always check what you can use around you. Loot structures and defeated enemies.

The game will never throw a challenge at you without providing a solution.

For instance, when fighting the Mexican Army, you will have a rifle that has a grenade launcher as a secondary fire mode. Make sure to use that to make your life easier in Las Almas.

That weapon will certainly be very effective if you can make your grenades explode behind shielded enemies.
Grenade launchers tend to be effective against armored enemies too.


However, the game also strongly hints that you should grab a much heavier weapon by placing it next to the window where you will see the army approaching.

Although the Rapp H won’t pierce the tactical ballistic shields, it has enough firepower to defeat several armored enemies. It will all depend on how well you can use its bullets.

If you don’t waste them, you might be able to make your life much easier when fighting Hassan’s men.

Combined with a few grenades, this machine gun will make your battles much more manageable throughout this mission.