So you managed to find El Sin Nombre, but now Graves has Alejandro’s base and Soap is stuck in Las Almas.

The Alone mission is by far one of the hardest missions in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign. It puts you in the shoes of Soap and asks you to survive unarmed, wounded, and on your own.

It’s quite unclear where to go and how to complete this mission, so this guide is here to lend a helping hand.

With the help of this guide, you will be able to survive the Alone mission in Modern Warfare 2 without having to constantly search around for the next item or path to take. 

How to Survive Alone in MW2

You start the mission off having to crawl through the streets of Las Almas with armed guards around every corner.

You need to stay as low as possible and hug the walls closely. Take the first left down the alley and avoid the guards while heading into the building straight ahead.

Use the car for cover and stay prone at all times. 

Once you get into the house, there will be a locked door. Listen to Ghost and look for supplies.

Finding Supplies and Materials

Alone Left

You’ll be able to find materials to craft various items that will help you on your way. For instance, metal and bindings can help to pry open locked doors and supply crates.

Make a tool and use it to unlock the locked door you first found, then continue your way through the building.

Unlocked Door

Check all the rooms around you and make sure to constantly scan for materials, as you’ll need many of them throughout this mission.

Escaping the Guarded House

There’s another locked door. Once you open it, you will see a guard across the room. Wait for him to move out of the building, then slowly crawl behind him and go up the stairs.

Explore the upstairs area, and you’ll find a headlamp, which will come in handy as you progress throughout the mission.

There are a few other items and rooms for you to explore, so make sure you don’t leave before you take everything you can find upstairs.

The locked room upstairs leads to another room. As soon as you enter it, a dog will start barking. The noise will alert the guards.

Try to loot the room quickly, then jump off the balcony. Once you’re out of the house, lay down low in the alleyway.

Barking Dog

Now you’ve lost the attention of the guards, explore the alley. You should find tape and metal. After you’ve grabbed those items, go upstairs. Make sure to check the table upstairs and grab the wax.

After following the path to the balcony area, you’ll see guards taking out civilians and patrolling the courtyard ahead.

Slowly drop down and use the fountain in the middle for cover. Also, collect as many bottles as you can as you go around. These will be crucial for the next few parts.

The guard standing right in front of you needs to move from that doorway, so launch a bottle to the left and let him investigate.

Once inside, hide so he can’t see you. I closed the door in my play-through. It seems to have been enough to keep the guard away, so you might want to try that.

Crafting Trip Mine Bombs and Smoke Bombs

Here you can start to pick up materials for some trip mine bombs. They might be the only tool you will have on hand to get a proper weapon.

Now exit through the door in front of you and jump through the window on your left. There are some chemicals in that building that you should grab. 

A wooden door leads back to the alley where the guard is standing. Go through it, but be careful not to alert the guard. 

Throw a bottle to distract him and quickly enter the room in front of you to the right.

Use your headlamp here to see the items you should be picking up. You will need them to craft smoke bombs. They allow you to escape complicated situations and can help prevent guards from seeing you.

Down the corridor

Then once you’re done looting, go through the door behind the counter and continue down the corridor. 

At the end of the corridor, on the right, there is a room that you should check.

This is where you can finally make some progress in arming yourself, although it isn’t guaranteed. There is a dead soldier there with a knife that you can take from his neck.

That said, sometimes the knife won’t show up in this location, as you can see in the image below.


Don’t worry, though. Just throw a mine in the alley and a bottle on top of that. The sound will make a guard walk toward his doom. Once you have taken down a guard, loot him to get a pistol and clear the area.

You can use your smoke bomb to increase your chances of safely getting a gun. Honestly, once I had a gun in my hand, completing the MW2 Alone mission felt much easier already.

You can go with either strategy, but hiding away, picking up the gun when it’s clear, and taking the rest of the guards out one by one is arguably the best way to do it. 

Go to the Tunnels

Once you have shot every single Shadow in the area between the eyes, make your way to the church. Check the objective to know where to go if you feel lost.

Jump over the fence to a slightly flooded alley. Turn left and pry open a supply crate for explosives, adrenaline, and a med kit.

Afterward, go the other way until you see a garage with a car in it. Jump through the window to the right, and there will be a shotgun here set as a trap. It should shoot anyone who goes through the door.

Shotgun trap

Disarm the trap and take the weapon for yourself. Now head up the stairs behind you and search the rooms on this corridor for materials.

When you’re done, open the door at the end. You’ll see a man falling through it who doesn’t look like he’s having the best day.

Then look to your right past the door as there’s another supply crate.

Carry on through the door and loot everything on this floor, as this is where things get messy.

Now you have plenty of materials, hop down to the floor below and loot the downstairs while staying low. It’s time to take down some Shadows.

The Shadows will say that you should surrender, but we both know they don’t intend to take you alive. Throw a mine in narrow passages and attract them to it. Run through the house and find cover, like a car, and throw a mine behind you.

Now, wait for them to come to you and gun them down. There are other ways to deal with this situation, but this was the one that worked best for me.

Finish the Shadows

By following your objective, you will come across a supply crate with oil in it. With this item, you can craft Molotov cocktails. They will be quite useful later on.

Hop over the fence. Now you should be in a flooded alley. Go through the tunnel, where you will find Shadows wearing body armor.

Although you probably know how to defeat armored enemies at this point, there’s a clever way to deal with these specific shadows.

Just submerge and get really close to them. You can perform a melee attack up close that will instantly take them down. Repeat this process until you’ve dealt with the four guards in this area.

Also, be sure to pick up an M4 off one of their bodies and loot all the ammo you can from the rest.

Follow the tunnel and hug the wall on the left to make sure you’re on the right path. You will see another armored soldier. Just submerge and perform a takedown when you get close.

Go up these stairs and you will see the church.

Meet Ghost at the Church


Jump onto the car on your right and vault the fence to get inside a building.

As you progress through the building, you’ll eventually have to pry open a door and will be met by an enemy guard.

Ghost takes him out for you and hurries you to get to the church. At this point, things get crazy difficult. Armored enemies will show up from everywhere as you try to advance. Try to find cover and take out the guards while making your way to the church.

Please note that you don’t have to fight all the enemies. You just have to survive for long enough. Just make sure you get to the church as the liutenent requested.

There are a few things that you can do to make your life easier. Use smoke bombs to confuse and stun your enemies. Get inside one of the houses and advance through them if you can.

Just keep moving forward. Do not try to stick around and fight. They won’t even stop spawning and looking for you.

Find a Vehicle

Once you get to the church, you’ll meet up with Ghost. This is when things will get a lot easier. Head back down the street and take out the guards on your way.

Again, you don’t have to stick around and shoot all the guards. Your objective now is to get inside the vehicle that Ghost wants. If you need to stop and shoot some guards to make it happen, it’s fine.

All that said, remember that these enemies won’t ever stop coming. So follow Ghost’s orders and get in the vehicle.

Once you get into the truck, the mission is over, and you will have survived the Alone mission in Modern Warfare 2. Now it’s time to get reinforcements, release Alejandro’s men, and complete the Ghost team mission in MW2.