All Right Answers for the El Sin Nombre Mission in Modern Warfare 2

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When Soap willingly turns himself into the Cartel for questioning in MW2, tension immediately rises. The whole situation feels like a plan ready to go south.

From the beginning, it doesn’t even feel like a plan. It’s more like a crazy idea. At this point, the stakes are clearly high, and the characters seem to be running out of choices.

Once Soap is in, he is tied up and interrogated. Before the interrogation, Alejandro tells you that you must answer truthfully, so it’s essential that you answer correctly when playing through the mission. However, it is only possible to tell the truth if you know what it is. In other words, you’re in trouble if you haven’t been paying attention to the campaign.

If you weren’t, this part of the game can be very annoying. Don’t worry, though. Here are all the right answers for the El Sin Nombre Mission in Modern Warfare 2.

The Correct Answers to El Sin Nombre

To make this quicker for you all, the correct answers are:

  • It was Mexican Special Forces
  • American PMCs. Shadow Company
  • Phillip Graves
  • Missiles

Let’s face it, that’s why you’re here.

At this point, when playing as Soap, an interrogation takes place. It’s a very uncomfortable situation.

I don’t mean it’s uncomfortable only because Soap is being harshly interrogated. It’s uncomfortable mainly because you can’t get any question wrong, and you will keep repeating this scene over and over until you get it all correct.

Trust me, this is not the most fun mission in the game. After getting these questions wrong multiple times, it gets boring pretty quickly. 

In fact, I found it boring after I got it wrong the second time, which is why this guide is here.

Seriously, if you haven’t taken notes on what’s happening at every stage of the story, you’re going to struggle with this part. Although this part of the mission can be annoying, it isn’t hard. In fact, this is true for many missions in Modern Warfare 2.

Much like the mission to secure the HVT in Amsterdam, knowing exactly what is what can be a pain. After all, many players were stuck trying to get the distraction from Captain Price.

Final Thoughts

This is a brutal scene to watch. Although Soap survives, the other guy being interrogated in front of him suffers a much worse fate.

Once you provide all the correct answers, Valeria will cut the ropes and ask you to follow her and Diego. This is all you have to do. If you don’t follow her and Diego, the guards will kick Soap’s back until you move to where she is.

The game only gets more exciting and challenging from here.

Soap will end up on the second floor. There, Alejandro (still undercover) gives you a mask, sets you free, and hands you a knife.

Now, it’s time for you to find El Sin Nombre in MW2. For starters, make sure to go the right way by checking your objective.


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