The Ghost from the old Modern Warfare games finally appears during the Ghost Team mission, even if it’s just a nod.

In this mission, the boys come together to reference the old Simon, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and to put an end to Phillip Graves.

If you want to know how to complete the Ghost Team Mission in CoD Modern Warfare 2, you have come to the right place.

How to Deal With The Lasers


Here, you will have to use smoke bombs to detect the lasers. Walk slowly and try to notice the weird noise coming from them.

The detection system is questionable since the lasers move around for no apparent reason, which helps you go through them.

Alejandro will show you how to handle the situation and what to look for when disabling the lasers.

Once you hear the noise, throw your smoke bomb forward and wait. It should reveal the lasers that you have to avoid.

Find the button that turns the off and wait for the crew to advance. Once they get near, do it again and keep moving.

Once you are deep enough, you will find Hassan’s soldiers. They won’t notice you, so make sure to hit one in the head and move to the next quickly. The other soldiers will help you take them down.

There will be a few more lasers for you to deactivate until you finally get to a ladder. Climb it and slowly check your surroundings.

You will see to guards that you are meant to take down. Make sure to hit one in the head so one of the soldiers can take down the other.

Now, interact with the panel next to the Hangar door. After that, you will see a short cutscene, and we’ll move to the next part of this mission.

How to Fight the Tower

Tower Down

This is when things become much crazier. You will have to fight the tower, which means that you will have to position yourself in a way that you can call an aerial strike.

Fight your way to the building in front of you. Once you get inside, use your lethal to call an aerial strike.

This is more about shooting everyone you see and moving forward than anything else. This is well Call of Duty quits its alternative swimming and stealth missions to be very CoD-like.

Once moving towards the tower, you will see a bunch of enemies on a building. There will be a few enemies bringing an RPG-7 with them.

Take down a few of those to make sure that they will drop their weapon. You can use it later.

Once that is done, you just have to keep pushing. Fight your way to the command center. The one thing that helped me a lot was the riot shield — or tactical bulletproof shield.

I managed to finish this section doing nothing but holding it up and using melee attacks. However, it might be harder to do that if you are already carrying the RPG-7.

Once you get to the command center, it’s time to check what Alejandro is up to.

This part is pretty simple. You must clear and sweep Hangar 1, then move to Hangar 3. Basically, Shoot everyone in sight and take all you can.

Keep checking your objectives to see where to go, but it’s pretty straightforward. Some armored enemies will be waiting for you, but you should know how to deal with them at this point.

Once that part is done, we go back to the other team and basically shoot our way to Alejandro’s location. No need to explain much about this area either.

It’s basically a corridor shooter. Just follow Rofoldo and keep checking your objectives to know where to go.

Something Stronger

Once you get there, you will finally get to the boss fight. Use the C4s to damage the tank. Check our guide on How to defeat Phillip Graves to have an easier fight during this boss fight, and make sure that you keep the RPG-7 if you want to make this easier.

Once you finish this one, it’s time to finally stop the missile during the Countdown Mission.