After you clear the docks in Amsterdam, MW2 will put you on another mission that is not just about running and shooting down enemies. This Tradecraft in Amsterdam puts Gaz and Price undercover, working to approach a high-value target.

In order to safely approach their target, the soldiers must copy tactics used by the CIA. Unsurprisingly, things will end with a gunfight.

This guide will teach you how to secure the HVT in Amsterdam in Modern Warfare 2, focusing on the last combat encounter.

How to Secure the HVT in Amsterdam in MW2

HVT 2 2

This mission is very straightforward. Gaz, Price, and Laswell must cautiously take out some enemies to get closer to their target. Although this is a short mission, it’s a fun one. You get to see Kate doing fieldwork. She even lets you play with one of her CIA toys.

At first, walk with Laswell until you find two members of the Cartel. She will follow one of them and leave you to deal with the other.

It might be a bit confusing since it’s happening during the day, and there are people around you, but it’s simpler than it looks.

Whatever you do, don’t draw your weapon.

Once the game tells you to deal with the guard near the Canal, approach him and press the melee button to perform a silent takedown.

It is that simple.

You don’t even have to be very sneaky about it. Laswell has given you a non-lethal poison. That will make your job much easier.

Once you have taken down the guard, keep moving. Laswell will lead the way. Now, take the decoy grenade from Captain Price so you can advance further.

Go to the alley near where Laswell is standing. Get in there and interact with the dumpster to throw the grenade into it. 

Once the distraction occurs, a cartel guard will go into the alley. Now it’s time to draw your gun and shoot them between the eyes.

Price will move to secure the high-value target now, but more guards will start to appear. You have to do something about it.

Now, the simple way of handling the situation is to just get out of the alley and shoot anyone holding a gun.

Although this sound quite simple, the three cartel guards might shoot you down quickly if you’re not careful or quick enough.

Not only that, you will instantly fail the mission if you hit any of the civilians. For that reason, we have a neat little trick to help you out.


Once you take down the cartel guard that follows you into the alley, put your gun away. Keep walking past Captain Price, and don’t draw it until you are behind the guards.

Doing so will make them think you are a bystander. They will ignore you and start shooting the captain.

Use that opportunity to better position yourself in a way you can gun them down quickly.

Once they are out of the way, there is not much else to do in this mission. Approach Captain Price to help him secure the target. Doing so triggers the end of the mission.

Once you capture the HVT, Laswell will extract the information she needs to move her mission forwad. Now you will have to figure out how to find Hassan in MW2.