Hassan is a slippery guy.

So, you took the distraction from Captain Price, handled the cartel guards in Amsterdam, and secured the HVT, who Kate made reveal Hassan’s location. What’s next?

It’s Alejandro’s turn to be the hero now that Hassan’s location is up for grabs. It all starts with him needing to prevent Hassan from crossing the borders. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned.

Finding Hassan in MW2 is not a simple task. It takes a lot of work from the main characters. Moving through a series of missions, you will have to fight cartels and the Mexican army to get this guy.

This guide will show you exactly how to find Hassan in CoD Modern Warfare 2.

Chase Hassan Across the Border

This manhunt starts in a very straightforward way. You will play as Rofold and will follow Alejandro.

You will start with a pistol with a silencer. There’s not much to do here besides moving forward and gunning down the enemies.

Turn off your flashlight and move closer to the cartel guards to prevent them from noticing you. There will be three of them.

Make sure to start by shooting one of them between the eyes, so you have enough time to take down the other. Alejandro will most likely take care of the third.

If you run towards the wall as soon as the mission starts, you will see him climbing the wall. Although you can’t stop him, you will have enough time to deal with only two of his men instead of three.

The third will take some time to get down from the wall, making this section much easier to handle.
Alejandro will want to chase beyond the border.


Since Hassan will hide inside some of the nearby houses, things will get a bit out of hand.

Be careful because this mission is all about getting shot out of nowhere. Enemies will hide behind doors, and some civilians will pull guns on you.

Unless civilians try to shoot you, all you need to do is hold the Aim Down Sight button and point the gun at them. They will leave you alone. In fact, shooting an unarmed civilian will make you fail.

You will have to enter a house where someone will greet you with a baseball bat. Point the gun at the civilian and get out through the back door.

Car Border

If you let them flank you, this section might become difficult. That said, there is a way to make things much easier here.

Just shoot the first driver before he stops the car, then hide behind the parked van.
Once you find the house where Hassan is allegedly hiding, check the living room and garage tables for some flashbangs.

Also, make sure to loot the bodies of the cartel guards. There’s no special item to be found, but their rifles, shotguns, and SMGs will make your life much easier.

From now on, the mission is basically a shooting corridor. Alejandro and Rodolfo will enter a house while looking for Hassan. You will need to shoot down a couple of armed civilians.

Once you’re out of the house, the local police will stop you. Conceal your weapon and move towards the cops so they can see who you are.

There will be an explosion, and you have little time to pick up a gun and shoot one of the bad guys who shows up to execute everyone in sight.

The House

Now all you have to do is to shoot everyone.

There will be cartel guards on the roof of a house. Shoot them all and move to the house. Get in, shoot everyone in sight, and go upstairs.

Make sure to pick up the flashbang grenades in the garage and on the table in the living room. This will help you deal with the enemies inside the house as you approach Hassan.

Once you open the door, you will trigger the end of the mission. Unfortunately, this is not when you get Hassan. He will escape, and you will need some help.

How to Defeat the Mexican Army in Las Almas


Once Hassan escapes, Alejandro and Rodolfo will meet with Ghost and Soap. Your objective is to infiltrate Las Almas to get Hassan, who the cartel is protecting. This mission is not the easiest, and the cartel will bring the full force of the Mexican army on you.

That said, it’s also pretty straight forward. Follow the lead of the other soldiers until you go inside a house where Hassan should be. He won’t be there because things are never easy.

Go to the window and wait for the Mexican army to arrive. They will show up with light armor and tactical ballistic shields. Don’t waste your bullets on them.

It helps to know how to defeat armored enemies here. They will also come at you with tactical ballistic shields, heavy artillery, and grenades.

Once you deal with enough of them, the other characters will decide to escape. Move away from the gunfight and jump through the window that one of the guys just opened.

Now just follow Alejandro and Ghost. The enemy will have the high ground, so make sure to use everything you have on them.

This is a corridor section, so just shoot enemies and keep going down until you have to jump in the river.

Once you are down there, the gameplay becomes slightly different. You will have to deal with the army while swimming. Although it is a bit annoying to shoot them back in this situation, you can use the water as cover when you need.

Keep moving until you reach the bridge. Shoot some guards, but don’t worry too much about the enemies. Just wait until aerial support blasts the Mexican army for you.

Bridge Boom

From there, follow the boys and interact with the car to trigger a cutscene. No more running and gunning for this mission. Now, you take control of the aerial support.

This section feels very different from the rest of the game.

You will be in a safe position, just looking at things for a while. Use your heat vision to locate the targets pointed by Soap, Alejandro, and Ghost.

Aerial support

When they need help, shoot the people carrying guns. That’s pretty much all that you’ll be doing until the mission ends.

The only important thing to note here is that your ammo replenishes over time. In other words, don’t be afraid of using all you’ve got when you need it. You have plenty of bombs and bullets to spend here.

Just keep Ghost, Soap, and Alejandro alive. Eventually, they will get Hassan.

And there you have it! Now that you have Hassan, it’s time to find El Sin Nombre.