Upon finding out that Hassan has American missiles in MW2, the game takes you to Amsterdam, where you must find who is providing the weapons to your Iranian enemies.

This mission is the first taste of what Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 can offer you in terms of gameplay. While the first mission is your basic hide-and-shoot, the second one demands stealth and resourcefulness.

You start the mission in the water with nothing but throwing knives.

If it’s been a little difficult for you to complete this mission, don’t worry. This guide will teach you how to clear the docks in Amsterdam in CoD Modern Warfare 2.

How to Clear the Docks in MW2

Amsterdam Docks 2 1

When you start this mission, Gaz will be alone. The Captain will take an alternative route, so you have to take care of yourself.

At first, since you have nothing but throwing knives, you will want to find an isolated target. Try sneaking behind them to take them down with a single attack. You can always throw a knife to ensure you won’t alarm the other bad guys.

See, it might look like you don’t have much to deal with the enemies, but throwing knives are a bit overpowered. One hit is more than enough to take an enemy down, so you will be just fine if you hit the first target.

No need to rush it. This is a stealthy mission. Get close enough to throw the knife, aim for the chest to increase your chances of hitting them, and throw it.

Once the first target is down, you will find a pistol with a silencer.

Don’t waste your bullets, though. Not only are your throwing knives better, but you also don’t have much ammunition to work with anyway. Make each shot count if you can.

Also, note that you can recover throwing knives by looting the enemies you have defeated. Don’t forget to check them for more knives every time you clear an area.

When advancing to the next dock, face the enemies and try hugging the wall to your left. If you do this correctly, you should be able to get to the next platform without alerting anyone.

That should get you close enough to throw knives or use your gun confidently. There will be a couple of enemies on a boat, and they might be a problem. Wait for them to go away before you start shooting.

Do this fast enough, and you will be able to deal with them with fewer guns pointed at you. Make sure to jump on that boat and take their weapons if you want a smoother experience in this mission.

Amsterdam Docks 3 1

Continue to use the objective marker to see who the next target is. You should eventually face a bunch of enemies as your last challenge in this area. 

If you take down an enemy in this last section, there’s a good chance the others will come to get you, one after another.

The key here is to take them one by one as they approach. Hit each with a throwing knife. You can actually make this the easiest part of the mission. If you found one of the silenced submachine guns, you might be able to hold the trigger and quickly go through them all.

The main areas of concern are the patrol boats, so try to take these out as a priority when they appear, even if the objective marker is on another target.

Once you slowly take out target after target, you’ll eventually get to regroup with the Captain and investigate the barge at the end of the docks.

Amsterdam Docks 4 1

Before getting to this checkpoint, you need to be slow and methodical with the guards. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a tricky situation.

Slow and stealthy seems to be the best approach here. Once you have dealt with everybody, go and meet the captain to advance. We’re almost done with the mission now.

Once on the barge, take out the cartel members. Although some enemies will jump out from behind cover and shoot you, it is easy to deal with them.

I just took the shotgun and started pulling the trigger at anything that was moving. This is the easiest part of the mission. Just be careful and you will be alright.

Finally, open the door to the last room to find the last enemy of the mission. Shoot him as soon as you open the door and search him. This will trigger the end of the mission.

Now it is time to secure an HVT in Amsterdam.