How to Get the Distraction from Captain Price in CoD Modern Warfare 2

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During the Amsterdam mission with Laswell in MW2, you will have to secure the HVT. However, doing so requires you to follow Kate’s and Price’s orders.

Once you get close enough to Captain Price, after taking down the cartel guards, you will need to get an item from him to proceed with the mission. That item is a decoy grenade, and taking it is trickier than it might seem at first.

For that reason, this guide will show you exactly how to get the distraction from Captain Price in CoD Modern Warfare 2.

Get the Decoy Grenade from Price in MW2

The decoy grenade (the big distraction needed for this mission) is with Captain Price. Go to his table and interact with it to get it.

Captain Price’s big idea for a distraction is to cause a small explosion. It’s not very original, but it is effective. The sound of the explosion causes the cartel guard to follow you into the alley.

That way, you can approach and secure the HVT in Amsterdam. However, you might find yourself stuck in this part of the mission, unable to get the grenade.

When Price wants to give you something, most players tend to follow Laswell instead of going to the Café where Captain Price is.

Don’t worry about it. The mission did make you follow Kate for a while, so it’s only natural that you continue doing that. That being said, your goal is to find Price now, and he is calmly waiting for you at a table.

Now that you know where the Captain is, you must interact with the table to get the grenade.

This is the part where some people get stuck. First, it’s captain that you have to interact with. This already makes things weird and might cause some players to think they should be elsewhere.

The issue is quite simple to solve. You can’t interact with the table unless you get close to it from the correct angle. On top of that, you have to be at the side of it.

Look for a little white circle on the table. Go near Price and get as close to the white circle as possible. At some point, you will see the option to interact with it.

Once you do, Price will give you the grenade you need to continue the mission and secure the target. Go back to the alley and plant the distraction.

It seems there is a chance you won’t see any prompt to interact with the table or Price when playing on the PlayStation 5. However, spamming the interact button while you are really close to the table will do the trick.

A cartel guard will come after you as soon as the grenade makes a noise. See how to secure the HVT in Amsterdam for tips on finishing the mission.

Although franchises like Call of Duty should know better, it is not unusual for unclear objectives to be in a game, even if it is a triple-A one. In this case, some players might have a problem getting the item.

I believe this happens because of how the developers programmed the interaction with the table. It demands you to be at a specific location, instead of just close to Captain Price or the table.

That said, this is not a big deal. There aren’t many places to go in this mission, so most players will figure it out. If they don’t, now they have a guide to show them what to do.


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