If you’ve been playing MW2, you’ll know that Soap is one brave fool. His plan to infiltrate the cartel and meet with El Sin Nombre would demand an incredible amount of plot armor to work.

It doesn’t work out in the game, though. At least, it doesn’t work as cleanly as the boys intended. Alejandro manages to take the place of a cartel guard, but Soap is quickly thrown into a chair and interrogated.

Since this is not the easiest mission in the game, I thought some folk might want a hand working through it. By now in Modern Warfare 2, you’ve managed to secure the HVT in Amsterdam and find Hassan in Los Almas, but this mission is much more complicated.

Keep reading to find out how to find El Sin Nombre in Modern Warfare 2.

How to Find El Sin Nombre in MW2

Where to go Sin Nombre Mission

First, you will have to give all the correct answers to Valeria. Alejandro tells you that you must tell them the truth, or they will shoot you.

This section isn’t very pleasant, but we have a guide on this to help you advance quickly to the next part of the mission. See all the right answers to El Sin Nombre mission so you won’t get stuck in this section.

After dealing with that, Soap will end up on the second floor, where an undercover Alejandro gives him a mask, sets him free, and hands him a knife.

From here on out, it’s up to you to locate and capture El Sin Nombre.

For starters, don’t take a right. There will be a few guards in front of a locked door. Trying to go through them will only make them shoot you.

Go all the way down to the back and through the gate. You should see a message saying you reached a checkpoint.

Sin Nombre Gate

Then you need to climb onto the planter at the back and up onto the balcony.

Here’s where things get tricky, as you need to be stealthy. Crouch and make your way up the stairs, to make sure that foes can’t see you. However, there are two guards on the landing that can cause you issues. 

Hug the left into this room and pick up the knives and bottles on this cabinet. You’ll need to pick up a few of these as you won’t have any other way to take down targets until a little later on.

From here, you can choose how to approach the situation. You can be stealthy and take the guards one by one with caution and patience.

I personally don’t have the patience to do that in a shooting game, so I just shot the first guy who had a better weapon. Then, I took the better weapon and shot everyone in my way.

Sin Nombre Shooting

You will have the option of climbing to the roof and going down through the elevator shaft. This is probably the best option if you’ve been playing this part stealthily.

In my case, the guards were all alerted, so after a bunch of bullets flying around, I got the choice of grabbing Diego’s key card so I could take the elevator to go upstairs.

Just do whatever you find more effective or fun. If you want to do this quickly and trust your aim, shooting the guards is probably the quickest way to do it.

Once you’ve unlocked the doors, Alejandro will lead the way down the corridor. Then, you’ll both locate the room where El Sin Nombre is.

Identity of El Sin Nombre

Alejandro uses a snake camera to see who is on the other side. I have no idea how nobody saw that thing moving around, but that’s when we learn the identity of El Sin Nombre.

Make sure you have the weapon you want to use ready before using the snake cam. Alejandro will open the door, and the gunfight will start immediately.

Shoot everyone in sight, then chase Valeria through the house until you capture her outside on the roof. Interact with her to trigger the end of the mission.

Congratulations, you just caught El Sin Nombre.

Final Thoughts

Valeria is caught

This mission is not particularly hard or original. Still, the execution of its concept and the build-up are pretty well done.

I appreciate how Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 differentiates its missions throughout the campaign. The fact you can choose to play through this mission stealthily or go in guns blazing is very refreshing, in my opinion.

Although the choices are not mind-blowing or game-changing, there are enough elements to make the missions feel exciting.

Players will come across many different mechanics that won’t ever appear again, showing a level of polish and care that one should expect from a Triple-A game.

Once you find Sin Nombre, things will escalate quickly. You will stop the missile from being launched, then you will have to survive the Alone mission, one of the hardest in MW2.