You managed to complete Team Ghost’s mission and finally put an end to Phillip Graves. Now, it’s time to go to Chicago and hunt the main villain.

Your objective is to find the missile controls and prevent it from exploding. However, things won’t be that easy. Hassan has many armored soldiers and hostages in the building.

Now, Ghost, Soap, and the others will go on the most important mission of their lives to prevent a rocket from exploding and taking thousands of lives.

If you are looking for a guide on how to complete the Countdown Mission in Modern Warfare 2, this is it.

Save the Hostages

Side of a building

The first part is pretty simple. Walk on the side of the building until you find Hassan’s men and the hostages. You will have to shoot them all to save the civilians.

Note that Hassan’s men won’t shoot the hostages while you are shooting them. However, you have limited mobility when attached to a rope on the side of the building.

That means that once you decide to act, you must immediately take a couple of enemy soldiers down if possible. That way, you minimize the damage you will take when you reveal your position.

Keep shooting enemy soldiers and saving hostages until an ally blasts a window for you to get in.

Once you get inside, check a table for ammo and guns. Take what you need and move to Price’s location. It’s time to invade the server room.

The control room where Hassan is located is beyond this room and his soldiers. You will have to deal with many of Hassan’s men, including some armored enemies, to finally reach his location.

Unfortunately, once you get there, he will have left.

Now it’s time for you to appeal again. The entry point is four levels down. Once again, this is another shooting section with nothing gimmicky about it.

You will be fighting dangerous, armored enemies. Shoot all enemies in sight until you clear the room.

Once enemies are down, Price moves to a locked door and opens it with a hammer. Go downstairs as Price tells you to do and keep moving forward.

This is when you will see the missile was launched. Things got much worse right now. After that, there is another shooting section. Clear the room and move to the elevator.

How to Stop the Missile in Modern Warfare 2

Missile Launched

There will be an explosion. Soap will have to take care of the enemies and move Price to safety.

Once you enter the elevator, a surprise explosion will damage the elevator, forcing Soap to jump to the elevator where Hassan is with the missile controls.

Once you get the controls, you will have to run away. Soap will have nothing but the missile controls on his hands.

That means you can’t shoot or fight anyone at this point. Be careful since Hassan’s men will be chasing after you. Ignore them for now if you can.

Run away from the soldiers and find a safe spot to hide. There is a small room in the middle of this area that might work just fine.

Once you feel like you’ve got the time, open the case and let Laswell guide you through the process.

If the soldiers find you, run away, hide, and do it again.

When Laswell starts telling you how to operate the system, you might get interrupted a few times. Don’t worry. It won’t do anything but delay the mission. As long as you stay alive, things will be fine.

Deactivating the missile won’t be too hard. Once you are done with that, it’s time to handle Hassan.

How to Defeat Hassan in CoD MW 2


Now, run around and stay alive. While running away from Hassan’s men, check around for materials.

You will have to make a tool to pry open drawers or craft knives made of glass. Look for rooms with doors and big objects to hind behind, then loot the rooms for every material you can find.

Either way, you must use something to stop at least the first armored soldier. Once you do, take his weapon and use it to shoot the next of Hassan’s men.

You know the drill. If you managed to survive the Alone mission, you should be able to win this fight against Hassan and his men.

Remember, once you get a pry tool, you can go to a red cabinet, where you will find a box cutter. You can use that to take down soldiers, too.

In fact, it seems that using an instant takedown is one of the most effective ways to take down an armored soldier.

You can be very stealthy during this section, taking the soldiers one by one. I like using smoke bombs to distract them and finish them up with a single melee attack.

Once you defeat a second guard, the game will play a cutscene. Soap will be dragged to the window so Hassan can drop him.

This is when Soap will signal Ghost, and you finally get to play as Simon. All you have to do is to hit Hassan with a shot. With Hassan dead, you have finally finished this mission. 

This is also when Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s campaign comes to an end.

What to Do After Defeating Hassan

The campaign is short, and I’m sure you will be left wanting more once you’re done with it. Although I suspect it is by design, the game is not entirely over.

You can always try playing online, but you might get ready first. Since the M4 will be your first weapon, make sure to check our guide on the best M4 loadout.

In case you don’t have all the needed attachments, play for a while so you can unlock them. It doesn’t mean you can’t check the attachments and see if you like something until you have the recommended ones.