The RPK is dangerous. It has incredibly high damage and it’s pretty accurate for an LMG.

It is not the most ideal gun to be used in close-quarter combat, but it is scary when used by someone on the high ground in an open area.

Its stationary power and suppressive fire must be respected. With so much firepower, if you are guarded by your team, it can be tough for the enemies to deal with you.

Having the best attachments on this thing can make it a really tough thing for your opponents to deal with. Whilst it’s not the best LMG in the game, you’ll find the best RPK loadout in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Best RPK Class Setup in MW2

RPK loadout
  • Barrel: Tac 596 Barrel
  • Laser: Corio Laz-44 V3
  • Optic: XRK On-Point Optic
  • Stock: None
  • Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90
  • Ammunition: .338 Mag High Velocity
  • Magazine: None
  • Rear Grip: None
  • Receiver: RPK
  • Muzzle: None

With these items, the RPK will become even more reliable. Some of these attachments might hurt your Aim Down Sight Speed, but I wouldn’t worry too much.

Find a good spot, keep checking your surroundings, have some proximity mines, and make it rain on your enemies.

The greatest thing about using LMGs is that you can bait your enemies into thinking you are reloading due to high-capacity magazines.

Besides, this build provides enough damage and stability for you to just point at an enemy and hold down the trigger. This LMG fires super fast, and two or three well-placed bullets will do the trick.

Make sure you practice controlling this weapon’s recoil, though. It doesn’t do much to hold down the trigger if you cannot keep the crosshead on the target.

It is hard to control a weapon with such power, but aiming close enough will do the trick usually. After all, this gun fires so many bullets and deals so much damage that your accuracy doesn’t need to be amazing to make it work.

Barrel: Tac 596 Barrel

The Tac 596 Barrel is a light-weight, long barrel that was designed for heavy fire. It grants you more Damage Range, Movement Speed, and Bullet Velocity.

You will lose some Aim Down Sight Speed, but it is not the end of the world. You need this attachment to make this weapon more reliable at medium range.

Making the RPK effective at greater distances than usual makes it even scarier for enemies to deal with you.

It also makes it safer for you to crouch in an area and hold down the trigger. After all, even those trying to snipe you won’t be able to stand still while you fire back.

Laser: Corio Laz-44 V3

The Corio Laz-44 V3 laser increases aiming speed and stability. It basically gives you more Aim Down Sight Speed and makes the weapon more accurate.

The only con is that enemies can see the green beam when you are in ADS. That said, this is not a big deal.

The green beam does wonders for you since it makes it much easier to aim this gun and control its recoil. You can use the instant feedback to know exactly where to drag the mouse — or stick.

This attachment is a no-brainer.

Optics: XRK On-Point Optic

Although not the most crucial thing of this class setup, it might be a good thing for you to have a fast and accurate reflex sight with a precise sight picture such as the XRX On-Point Optic.

That, combined with the green beam of the laser, will undoubtedly make it much easier for you to hit your targets. Generally speaking, the ADS Speed that it diminishes seems not much to pay for better precision.

However, you can rock the Iron Sights if you think they are more than enough. If that is the case, I recommend you use a lighter magazine instead of this attachment to make the weapon faster to reload and ADS.

Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90

The FSS Sharkfin 90 is a well-rounded angled foregrip for those who prefer accuracy while on the move.

It provides Aiming Idle Stability while not adding any cons, which is perfect for what we want here.

This weapon is already quite heavy, which makes your ADS Speed and Movement speed pretty bad when you’re using it.

For that reason, anything that we can do to improve your stability, Aim Down Sight Speed, and Handling is great when it comes with no side effects.

This is the piece you need to help make the RPK reliable, accurate, and efficient.

Ammunition: 7.62 High Velocity

These are tapered rounds designed to increase projectile velocity.

The 7.62 High Velocity Ammunition slightly diminishes your damage at a distance but increases the weapon’s accuracy and range.

Honestly, this weapon already deals a lot of damage. On top of that, although we made this LMG more reliable with the other attachments, it will not substitute a Marksman Rifle, or any other rifle, at greater distances.

However, you want to make sure that you do hit the target and that your bullets go where your crosshead is, which is what this Ammo Type helps you achieve.

Alternative RPK Class Setup in MW2

RPK Loadout 2
  • Barrel: KAS-10 584M Barrel
  • Laser: Schlager Peq Box IV
  • Optic: None
  • Stock: Prolite TL3 Stock
  • Underbarrel: None
  • Ammunition: None
  • Magazine: 40 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: True Tac Grip
  • Receiver: RPK
  • Muzzle: None

Just in case you were looking for a build that does something entirely different, here it is. With this loadout, the RPK will be much lighter, and its Aim, Down Sight Speed, will be significantly better.

This makes this LMG feel like a completely different weapon. Almost like a rifle, really.

However, this loadout doesn’t make the RPK fast enough for you to duel someone in Mercado Las Almas. Rifles and SMGs will always be faster and better and close range.

Still, it might be a pretty good weapon to guard the Cantina or unload your magazine from a window.

If your idea of fun is to carry a heavy weapon with immense firepower throughout the battlefield, go for it. It is fun. It might not be optimal, but video games are about more than that.

If you are looking for optimal weapons that can certainly help you win more often, make sure to check the best Lockwood MK2 loadout in CoD MW2 for a powerful rifle that can one-shot your enemies even if you hit them on the chest.

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