Seven-League Boots is the second Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in the Hybrid Leagues section of advanced FIFA 23 challenges.

For completing Seven-League Boots, you’ll receive an untradeable Rare Gold Pack, which has a coin value of 25,000 and gives you 12 rare gold items.

To get to this point, you’ve hopefully already completed The Final Four and the Six of the Best SBCs.

Here is a working Seven-League Boots SBC solution for FIFA 23, along with an explanation of how to complete it and alternative players to look for.


  • Exactly 7 leagues in squad
  • Maximum of 3 players from the same league
  • Maximum of 3 players from the same club
  • A minimum team rating of 78
  • A minimum of 18 squad chemistry
  • A minimum of 1 chemistry on every player

As we are limited to using players from lots of different leagues, and all players must have at least 1 chemistry point, there is a pretty obvious solution for getting this done; lots of players need to be from the same nationality.

Because there are no nationality requirements, you could fill up your squad with 11 Spanish, German, French or Brazilian players as long as they play in exactly 7 different leagues and you don’t spill over the ‘maximum of 3 players from the same league’ rule.

However, doing the above won’t be the cheapest solution for Seven-League Boots – unless you already have a load of untradeable players to use for it.


seven league boots solution fut 23 2
Source: FUTBIN
  • GK: Illan Meslier (Leeds)
  • CB: Ivan Marcano (Porto)
  • CB: German (Racing Santander)
  • CB: Samuel Umtiti (Lecce)
  • RM: Yeremy Pino (Villareal)
  • CM: Kone (Bundesliga)
  • CM: Zubimendi (Real Sociedad)
  • LM: Ruben Garcia (Osasuna)
  • RW: Noni Madueke (PSV)
  • ST: Patrick Bamford (Leeds)
  • LW: Callum Hudson-Odoi (Bayer Leverkusen)

I relied on English, Spanish and French players for my submission.

This won’t always be the cheapest way to go about things, but I had a couple of untradeables to put in and none of the remaining players cost me more than 500 coins.

Alternative Solutions

If you’re looking for an alternative solution so that you can either work in your own untradeables or reduce the cost, this is a really easy one to figure out different methods for.

Focusing on players from just one nation is the most simple way to go about things.

You need a minimum of 1 chemistry on every player which means you only need one small link to one other player.

If you manage to fill out your squad with 9 players from the same nation but you’re struggling on the final 2, for example due to the ‘exactly 7 leagues’ stipulation, you can just complete it by using another 2 players that either have the same nation or the same league.

Once you’ve submitted this – warning, it currently only works on console as the Web App is bugged – you can move on to my FIFA 23 The Whole Nine Yards SBC solution.