The Hedge Lab is sort of a secret area because of the way you have to get inside. It is hard to find on your own just playing the game normally because of the parkour involved. This article will show you how to enter the Hedge Lab in Grounded and show detailed videos on how to get inside it.

Hedge Lab Location

The Hedge Lab is located at the right most part of the backyard. It is way beyond the stone walls so do not bother trying to get up through the wall. There is an elaborate way in getting to the Hedge Lab which I will go into details below.

How to Enter the Hedge Lab

Breach Lab Parkour Entrance

Technically, this is not the entrance to the Hedge Lab but is the starting point on how to get up the tree leading to the Hedge Lab. The Field Station here is easy to climb up and has a cabled wiring that makes it easier to locate.

BTU 3 Research Site 2

Make sure to grab the BTU 03 recorder to learn more about the scientist who possibly made the lab. Before you start doing parkour, make sure you save every time you reach a certain area. If you fall off the branch at any point of the path, you will have to start all over again from the Field Station above.

Once you have made your way up the tree into the station, you will keep following the branch until you see the bird pond. You can find Berries in this area and if your base is far from this area, I suggest farming as much as you can.

You will need Berries to make Berry Leather and will be used to craft high level armor sets such as the Ladybug armor set, the Spider armor set and the Bee armor set. You will also need it to craft the tier 2 hammer which is the Insect Hammer.

Now that you have made your way through half of the area, keep following the branches and make sure to jump up the the branch instead of trying to jump from leaf to leaf. Be on the lookout for Orb Weaver Spiders because there might be a few up these branches. You should also be prepared in taking more than a few of those as the Hedge Lab is filled with these bugs.

At the end of the path, you should be able to see the Hedge Lab now and all is left is knowing how to get inside the Hedge Lab. If you put your map back up, you will see that this place is already far away from the Field Station you started from.

This video shown above is the only way on how to enter the Hedge Lab. You will likely be greeted by an Orb Weaver Spider on the way in and since the whole wall is made out of glass, you can see where the spider is patrolling. The place is also filled with Spiderlings and you can even farm Spider Silks from the spider webs inside.

What is Inside the Hedge Lab

The creatures inside the Hedge Lab are Orb Weaver Spiders and Spiderlings. You can also find a few spider webs for Spider Silk. You can also find the Ominent Log 03 inside where Wendell, the scientist, talks more about what is going on. There is also a Field Station where you can analyze resources if you have anything new in your inventory.

That is basically everything you can find inside the Hedge Lab but there are more things you can find around the vicinity.

Hedge Lab Secrets

Before you enter the Hedge Lab, there is another path through one of the branches outside that will lead to a small lab room. There is only one thing you can acquire here and it is the Strange Note #1. It is the colorful recorder just beside the computer on the left side of the room.

Below the tree where the Hedge Lab is directly located, you can hug the stone wall to the north until you find a little cave entrance in between the stones. It is only a tiny cave without a note or recorder talking about what transpired in the cave. You will only see a faded Lean-To and a mystery bag that is filled with Ant Parts.


You might be curious to find your way through the Hedge Lab to find more information regarding the story but make sure that you come prepared. You should have great gear and be able to fight Orb Weaver Spiders with ease before entering the Hedge Lab.