You can adjust dialogue volume in the main settings tab. It doesn’t stop the dialogue boxes from showing up, but it mutes the Hosts without interrupting the music. It means that the cutscenes in game also have no audible dialogue, though.

Minecraft Legends is a vibrant game with an engaging story and plenty of colorful characters.

The game has three Host characters, named Action, Foresight, and Knowledge. These bubbly characters introduce your hero to the game world and accompany you with frequent updates and reminders on your quests.

Sometimes, the reminders are a little too frequent, though.

If you’ve been wondering if you can mute the Hosts in Minecraft Legends, you’ll be happy to know there’s a quick and easy way to do it. It’s not a perfect fix, but it does the trick.

How to Adjust Dialogue Volume

To start, open up the game and head to the main settings tab.

Then, tab over to the audio section in the main list of options at the top.

Find the option that says ‘dialogue volume’ and drop the slider all the way down to 0. This will completely mute the Hosts, meaning that you won’t have to listen to them while trying to save villages anymore.

You don’t have to save your settings. Simply exit the menu and the game will automatically save any choices that you’ve made.

It’s important to note that this does not remove the Host text boxes from the game. You’ll still see them popping up, but it feels much less intrusive.

If you’re a fan of just having the dialogue text boxes show up instead of the narration, you can alter the text size in the main settings, too. You can do this in the Accessibility tab, which is right next to the Audio tab shown a few paragraphs above.

It’s also good to note that muting the Hosts in this fashion will mean that they aren’t audible in cutscenes. The other audio will still play in cutscenes and the captions will still show up at the bottom of the screen, though.

If you change your mind about muting the Hosts at any time, you can turn the dialogue volume back up at any point during your adventures.

What to Do Next

Now that your game world is a little more serene and quiet, why not see if there are any other game settings that you want to change? Minecraft Legends offers a lot of customization options for players.

For example, it’s also possible to change how you skip cutscenes in game. If you’re not keen on the lore and want to speed through cinematics, this is a must-have for your custom settings. It makes speed-running much easier.

You can also change the difficulty level of your campaign at any point you like. There’s no limit to how many times you can do it, so drop down a level if you’re struggling with a fight and then put it back up.