No matter if you’re playing on the standard difficulty or trying to beat the game in Legendary mode, there’s no denying that Minecraft Legends can be pretty tricky at times.

Whether you’re playing through the story or taking on enemies in a PVP match, it’s good to know how to keep yourself topped up and ready for battle. It’s not immediately obvious how to heal and regain health in Minecraft Legends, so here’s a quick guide.

Here’s how to heal in Minecraft Legends, for both the story mode and PVP.

How to Heal and Regain Health

Keeping yourself alive in Minecraft Legends will feel a little unfamiliar for folk who are coming from other games like classic Minecraft. There aren’t any direct ways to add to your health bar, like food or potions.

Healing is much more passive in this game.

To start, your hero will automatically regain health when out of combat. This is great for when you’re exploring the world (especially if you accidentally take fall damage or step in some thorns) but can be a little annoying when in the middle of a battle.

It may feel cowardly to run away from an enemy during a fight, but taking a few moments to run around and recharge can make all the difference in battle.

It’s important to note that being out of combat won’t automatically heal up your troops. It is possible to heal them up through other means, but simply being in a passive state won’t give them any more health.

If you lose track of your troops or they fall in battle, you can recall them or bring in some new ones at a nearby spawner.

Another great way to keep yourself topped up in the game is to keep an eye out for Resurrection Stones.

Resurrection Stones are the glowing blue portals that you can find around the overworld. They spawn randomly, but they are quite easy to run into.

Simply standing by these stones will heal your hero and your troops.

If you’re in a particularly tricky battle and you want to get out of it, you can also fast travel to a secure location like the Well of Fate or a safe Village. Pick somewhere with strong defenses so you can rest up then jump straight back into the action.

Staying near the Well of Fate, Village Fountains, and Wellhouses has a similar effect to Resurrection Stones. These friendly locations will heal up your character and top up the health bars of your troops, too.

If you end up dying in battle, you’ll respawn at your nearest Wellhouse or safe location.

The most effective way to heal in Minecraft Legends is to add Mossy Golems to your army.

These friendly Golems are passive and won’t attack any enemies. They’re worth having, though, as they’re the best healers in the game and will keep you and your troops in great condition during PVP matches and campaign battles.

You get the ability to spawn Mossy Golems fairly early on in the game. To build a Mossy Golem spawner, you’ll need:

  • 5 Iron
  • 25 Wood
  • 25 Stone

You’ll also need to have neutral land to build the spawner on.

It can be tempting to just bring aggressive troops with you into battle, but having at least a couple of Mossy Golems will make a huge difference.

An additional tip to bear in mind is that the game will warn you if you’re about to try and take on a battle that’s too strong for you.

It is possible to still complete these battles of course, but if you’re looking to stay alive and avoid anything too hectic, it’s worth paying attention to these warnings.

How to Heal Other Players

There aren’t many ways to heal up your team members in PVP, which can be a little frustrating for folk who enjoy taking more of a support role in battle.

The only way to keep your team members topped up and healthy during a battle is to make sure that you’ve got plenty of Mossy Golems with you. It doesn’t matter who spawned the Golems, they’ll heal any friendly players within range.

One of the best things about having Mossy Golems with you is that they’ll automatically start healing the players and troops with the lowest health. They’re very efficient.

What to Do Next

Now that you know how to stay alive with tools like the Mossy Golem’s healing abilities, why not look into the other types of Golems and their abilities? The game does tell you a little about them when you meet them, but there’s a lot more to learn about these troops.

In fact, spending some time learning about all the mobs in the game is a great way to increase your chances of success. This is a game that rewards strategic thinking and requires players to have a solid understanding of their surroundings.

If you’re still struggling to keep yourself alive in the game and want a break from the action for a bit, consider dropping your difficulty level down. You can change it back at any time.