Zombies are close range units that can greatly help you hold off a piglin wave during an invasion. They’re a bit stronger than stone golems and definitely good to have.

Though, unlocking them is much more different than unlocking the golems.

In this article we will show you how to unlock and summon zombies to fight alongside you in battle.

How to Unlock Zombie Spawners in the Campaign

There’s a difference between unlocking zombie spawners in PVP and in the campaign. To get zombies in the campaign you will have to do quite a bit of progress.

Once you lay siege on a large piglin base you will see a cinematic of the mobs fighting against the piglins. After this cinematic you will be able to rally random mobs you find around the world and use them to siege your next piglin base.

Following this you will have 3 new icons appear on your map. These mark the zombie, skeleton, and creeper homesteads.

Each homestead will be under attack by piglins with an outpost very close by. You will have to go and free the homestead by defeating the piglins that are there.

Once defeated, you will have to destroy the nearby nether portal from which the piglins keep coming. For this it’s best to prepare yourself well and you’ll likely need to use some of the advanced combat mechanics to get through.

Doing this will unlock you the zombie spawners or any other mob spawners as long as the homestead remains defended.

How to Keep Zombies in the Campaign

If the homestead is attacked and destroyed in a piglin invasion, then your mob spawner will disable. You won’t be able to build one or summon the mobs from that homestead until you save them.

Every time the homestead is taken over by piglins you will have to repair it all over again.

Usually, foresight will give you a warning during the day that the piglins plan on attacking a homestead or village that night. This is how you can prepare in advance for the attack.

How to Unlock Zombie Spawners in PVP

Unlocking mob spawners is somewhat different in PVP than it is in the campaign. You won’t have to find or defend homesteads to unlock these troops.

Instead you’re going to do the following steps:

  • Build an improvement hub
  • Build the “Improvement: Gather redstone” upgrade
  • Gather redstone
  • Build the “Improvement: Zombie spawner” upgrade

Because zombies use redstone when spawn, you won’t be able to build their spawner without having the “gather redstone” upgrade.

Having an army of zombies may require quite a bit of redstone, so you’ll have to look for the ore veins and gather quite a bit of it. The easiest place to find redstone veins is in the swamps which there are plenty of.

What to do Next

The bigger your army is in Minecraft Legends the better. Getting more mobs is not all that difficult in the game and we have an article to help you learn how to do this.