Gold is a necessary resource in Minecraft Legends that you use to build most of your more advanced upgrades. If you want to repair your structures faster, you’ll need gold to build the upgrade.

Though, gold can’t be farmed by allays like all the other resources in the world.

In this article we will help you understand where and how to farm it.

Where to Find Gold

Like we have said, gold can’t be farmed like all the other ores can. Instead, it is part of piglin loot.

Just like lapis can only be gathered by slaying piglins and prismarine by destroying piglin structures – gold can be found by destroying certain piglin structures and looting their chests.

The other method is destroying specific piglin structures: the mines.

You can recognize a piglin mining camp by the apparent drills that are digging into the surface of the terrain.

These drills will be surrounded by towers and the piglin barracks, that spawn the enemy piglins, certainly won’t be far from it.

You can make your troops to focus on the drills to collect your gold, or you can clear out the camp first. If you destroy the main portal of the camp all the buildings surrounding it will be destroyed too and the piglins will flee.

When your troops destroy these not only will you be able to collect prismarine, but gold too.

You will need to be nearby, though. If you send your troops to destroy these buildings and don’t pick up the loot immediately, there is a chance that it will despawn.

In the campaign piglins do not rebuild their structures like they do in PVP matches, so once destroyed they will not come back. So, make sure to make use of the loot while it’s still there.

Piglin Chests

Piglin chests are chest you can find in the overworld after defeating a larger camp.

You can find them once you beat the camp’s boss and destroy the portal. If there is a chest it will appear on your compass at the top. However, don’t think you can run through piglin camps and freely loot their chests.

To open a piglin chest you will need a key. This key can only be looted from bigger enemies and bosses. Each key has a single use and once the chest is unlocked the key is gone.

Using Gold

Your gold will mostly be used for the bigger upgrades you will need throughout the game. In the campaign you will be building all of these around the Well of Fate, while in PVP you build these at your base.

Different upgrades have different gold costs. The cost of upgrades can range anywhere between just 10 and 150 gold.

You will need quite a bit of gold in as you progress in the game, because you will be needing a lot more upgrades.

You’ll also need gold to awaken legendary mobs to fight alongside you.

What to do Next

If you’re looking for a quick siege of a piglin mining camp, you will not need just good troops. You will want a fast mount.

You may find it that your horse isn’t cut out for these kinds of sieges. Luckily you can swap your mount and we can show you how.