To fast travel in both PVP and the campaign, open up your map and look for locations with a blue outline. You can select these locations to teleport. Locations include the Well of Fate (automatically unlocked in the story), villages that you’ve saved in the story mode, your team’s base in PVP, and any Wellhouses you’ve built.

The overworld in Minecraft Legends is vast, and you’ll need to get from A to B quickly if you want to defeat the Piglin invasion.

There are several ways of speeding up your travel times in the game, including picking a good mount and using things like bouncecaps to your advantage.

Nothing beats fast traveling, though. Here’s a quick guide on how to fast travel in Minecraft Legends, including advice on how to build Wellhouses and fast travel in PVP.

Fast Traveling to Villages

Before you can fast travel, you’ll need to have completed the tutorial.

Once you’ve got stuck into the game and saved your first village, you’ll be able to start fast traveling in the overworld.

To fast travel with a village, you need to have saved it from the Piglins first. If it’s still under siege, you won’t be able to fast travel to it.

You can check this by opening up the main map. Zoom out, then look for any locations with a blue outline. If it’s blue, you can fast travel to it.

When you’ve decided where you want to fast travel to (hovering over nearby locations can help you decide which fast travel point makes the most sense) simply select it and your character will automatically travel there.

You’ll spawn into your selected village at the fountain, and any troops that were following you before you chose where to fast travel to will still be with you.

If you’ve lost any along the way, head to your nearest spawner to recall them.

Fast Traveling to Other Locations

It’s not just villages that you can fast travel to in Minecraft Legends. There are a few different locations, in both story mode and PVP.

One of the most important locations is the Well of Fate.

Unlike villages, you don’t need to unlock the Well of Fate as a fast travel location.

Once you get far enough into the campaign that you gain the ability to fast travel, you’ll be able to get back to the Well of Fate whenever you need to.

This is handy, as you’ll be spending a lot of time at the Well of Fate upgrading your Songbook and learning more about the missions ahead from the Hosts.

If you’re playing in the Versus mode, you can fast travel back to your team’s base at any time during the match.

You do this in exactly the same way as the methods listed above. Open your map, select your location, and jump straight into the action.

Building Wellhouses

As you progress further into the campaign, you’ll unlock the ability to make Wellhouses.

Wellhouses are structures that you can build in the overworld. The materials you’ll need to build a Wellhouse include:

  • 50 Prismarine
  • 75 Iron
  • 250 Stone
  • 250 Wood

Once you’ve built a Wellhouse, you’ll be able to access it at any point in the campaign and fast travel to it by using the map.

Wellhouses can also act as respawn points.

It’s important to note that Piglins can destroy Wellhouses. Make sure to keep an eye on yours, especially during the night.

What to Do Next

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