Towers are a great way to defend your villages and homestead from the pigling invasions, but as you progress and more time passes, they won’t be able to hold up.

There are several ways to build upgrades for the towers you have at the start of the game, but also a way to unlock new towers you find around the map.

In this article we will teach you how to make your towers stronger.

How to Unlock Towers

Right at the start of the game you will have an arrow tower available which you can build alongside your basic defenses. These are the cheapest towers that you’ll be using the most.

As you progress and unlock more ores and upgrades, you’ll get other towers.

There are 3 basic towers in the game:

  • Arrow tower
  • Scatter tower
  • Protector tower

The scatter tower and protector tower are unlocked later in the game.

In the campaign you unlock them by progressing and then building the improvements for the ores you need to build them.

In PVP you can exclusively unlock them by building an improvement hub and the ore improvements, right at the start.

How to Unlock Special Towers

There are 3 additional towers you can unlock in the game. These can’t be unlocked simply by building improvements. Instead, you have to explore the map.

  • Frost tower
  • Stun tower
  • Blast tower

You will stumble on these large towers in different parts of the map.

At the Well of Fate or at your improvement hubs, you have to build an improvement that will allow you to collect these towers. Once collected, you’ll be able to build them for defenses.

Though, you will have to use them wisely as there’s only 3 of each in the game.

How to Upgrade Towers

Only the basic first towers can be upgraded. The collectible towers can’t be further upgraded once collected, only repaired if damaged.

For regular towers there are two kinds of upgrades:

  • Masonry upgrade
  • Kaboomery upgrade


The masonry is a building that’s used to upgrade walls, gates, and towers. It turns all these buildings from wood to stone, making them stronger.

You unlock the masonry by building the improvement at the improvement hub.

You’ll have to build a masonry in range of the towers you wish to upgrade. If the upgraded towers are destroyed, you’ll have to build wooden ones and then upgrade them again.


The kaboomery is a strength upgrade for arrow and scatter towers, as well as the redstone launcher.

It adds an explosive projectile that will deal additional damage in a radius around them.

To unlock the kaboomery you will need to unlock the “Improvement: gather coal” upgrade and gather quite a bit of coal. It is an expensive building, so use your resources wisely.

What to do Next

Upgrading your towers and their strength is not all you will be needing when a piglin invasion comes. Your buildings and defenses are certainly going to take damage or even get destroyed.

To avoid your base taking too much damage or even falling, you’re going to need to know how to repair the buildings. Read our article on fixing structures to learn how to keep your defenses from falling.