Boats are the most reliable method to travel around Minecraft’s waterways. So, when you’re exploring the world, you may stumble across a vast ocean or several rivers.

In these cases, you’ll be better off by having a boat in your inventory.

The Minecraft character moves at a substantially slow pace while swimming, so avoid taking on an ocean all by yourself. Moreover, keep in mind that boats are conventionally quick to build, making them a must-have tool in your travel kit.

Still, it’s common to struggle when gathering materials, maneuvering or remembering the recipe to craft a boat. So, let’s go a bit in-depth on this valuable asset and discuss, among other topics, how to get out of a boat in Minecraft.

Minecraft Boat Recipe

  • 5 Wood Planks (any wood)

Firstly, let’s start with the basics. You can see the boat recipe in the image below.

Boats aren’t just helpful in traveling waterways. For example, a boat bomb, most recently used on the popular HermitCraft server, is a fun approach to destruction and combat.

Additionally you can also build boats by hand for aesthetic purposes, but these cannot be ridden like Vanilla Minecraft’s boats.

Still, no matter what you want to do with boats, they’re a cheap and fast way to travel, especially in the early game. Still, of course, different biomes provide unique wood types, which creates distinct boat models.

So, if you’re planning to build a specific boat model, there are some approaches to get different biomes on your map.

Cutting to the chase, let’s get down to the controls you’ll need to make the most of them.

Controlling The Boat

First you need to understand how to use and control your boat. You’ll need to make the most of them.

Getting in

  • PC players on Windows 10, Java, or Education edition can begin their sea journey by simply right-clicking on the boat within a block or two of distance. 
  • For PlayStation players, L2 is the key to get in the boat. The exact distance rule applies to all embarking.
  • Xbox players need only use LT to climb on the boat.
  • Pocket edition is a bit different, with the need to tap on the boat, then on the board button.
  • Finally, for Nintendo Switch and Wii-U, ZL is the command.

Getting Around

Moving the boat uses the same controls as moving your character, with slight differences.

Firstly, no matter where you look, it won’t change direction unless you change it using the controls you do to move on a sideways axis.

Secondly, movements can take a slight moment to happen, with the turn rate of a boat being much slower than when turning your character. Nevertheless, this is normal and harmless.

Getting Out

There will be circumstances where you’ll need to get off the boat and explore the land during your voyages. So, whether it’s for discovering a new area, gathering types of food plants, or searching for underwater loot, there’s always the need to disembark.

If you’ve read our article about riding Llamas, you’ll notice that the “getting out” command works similarly.

Let’s discuss how to do that below:

  • For PC players, pressing the crouch button should do the trick.
  • PlayStation players can achieve so by pressing down the right analog.
  • Xbox players can get out of the boat by pressing the right analog.
  • With Pocket Edition, the Leave Boat button is the command you’ll need.
  • Finally, RS is how you jump off the boat for Nintendo Switch and Wii-U players.

After discussing the maneuver commands concerning boats in Minecraft, you’ll be ready to set sail! So go forth, spread your paddles and uncover new lands.