One of the most exciting categories in Minecraft is food. The game has various resources, including farm animals, produce, crops, fruits, and vegetables that can be a part of many in-game culinary recipes.

Like in most games, food in Minecraft can provide different results.

For instance, a specific dish might heal the player just a tad, whereas a different one can restore most of the player’s health bar.

On the other hand, we’ll find that some of the food in Minecraft can present a health risk to the player, compromising them; there are poisonous and rotten elements in the game that will inevitably intoxicate the character who eats it.

As a survival game, Minecraft also has various wild food elements, such as fruits and mushrooms, which are vital to the early game; knowing where you can find them and what they look like is essential.

Getting familiar with the game’s cuisine is highly worthy. So, let’s discuss what’s the best food in Minecraft and study the overall topic in more detail.

Food in Minecraft

Among various Minecraft’s survivalist elements, there’s hunger. If you notice the two indicators above the experience bar while in-game, you’ll understand that one represents health while the other indicates the character’s hunger level.

Various gameplay elements depend on your character’s hunger level.

For instance, running consumes energy; in contrast, you’ll need to acquire more power by consuming food. So, you won’t be able to run if your character becomes too hungry at a certain point.

The character’s health also plays a massive role in the hunger level. You’ll need to deal with enemies on various occasions and for every hit you take you’ll need to recover.

However, each health bar (heart) you recharge consumes your character’s energy.


Therefore, if you don’t eat enough, you’ll stop healing at some point, risking a low-health status.

Extra Features

Food can also give the player specific effects apart from its typical hunger-restoration role. For example, after consuming a “Chorus Fruit”, the player might teleport to a random location.

Players can also use certain types of food to remove the effects they’re currently suffering.

In this case, milk clears any buff or nerf afflicting the in-game character. Also, by consuming a honey bottle, you’ll get rid of poison effects.

Let’s discuss the foods in Minecraft that produce specific reactions in the player and point out the best one that fits this category.

  • Chorus Fruit – Has a chance of teleporting the player somewhere random.
  • Enchanted Golden Apple – Activates regeneration, damage absorption, resistance, and fire resistance.
  • Golden Apple – Activates regeneration and damage absorption.
  • Honey Bottle – Clears poison.
  • Poisonous Potato – Inflicts poison for 5 seconds.
  • Pufferfish – Activates hunger, nausea, and poison for up to a minute.
  • Raw Chicken – Activates hunger for 30 seconds.
  • Rotten Flesh – Activates hunger for 30 seconds.
  • Spider Eye – Inflicts poison for 5 seconds.
  • Suspicious Stew – Depending on the flower used in this dish’s recipe, it can activate regeneration, jump boost, poison, wither, weakness, blindness, fire resistance, saturation, or night vision for 3-11 seconds.
  • Milk – Clears all active effects.

Although various foods mentioned above can be vital for specific situations, we’ll pick the best one considering the general context. In this sense, it’s worth looking for the food that provides the highest energy and the best effects for the player.

The suspicious stew reaches the highest score by considering food points alone, fulfilling 6 points.

However, this consumable is not the most reliable choice, given that it can inflict the player with negative effects.

Best Food With Side Effects

The enchanted golden apple has many beneficial effects for the player, such as regeneration, absorption, resistance, and fire resistance. Still, in general, apples only restore about four food points for the character.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty safe to say that the good effects that a golden enchanted apple causes completely compensate for the relatively low food points it provides.

Even though four food points seem low value, the enchanted apple’s regeneration perk lasts 30 seconds; this effect restores the player’s health over time, resulting in complete healing on most occasions. Consequently, you’ll perform better during raids.

The absorption effect is overpowering since it adds extra hearts to the health bar.

More precisely, the perk increases the player’s health by four points. The enchanted golden apples’ resistance attribute increases the player’s damage tolerance.

By considering all the perks of the enchanted golden apple, one can see how versatile and potent this food is. Therefore, this is the best consumable alternative in Minecraft for its high-restoration capacity and beneficial effects.

Best Food Without Side-Effects

Apart from the consumables mentioned above that do not mainly focus on hunger control, there are standard types of food in Minecraft that do; although not being as versatile, the food alternatives we’ll discuss now are highly essential in the early game and journeys.

Since these types of food don’t offer any effect to the player, let’s check the food points they provide.

  • Apple – 4
  • Baked Potato – 5
  • Beetroot – 1
  • Beetroot soup – 6
  • Bread – 5
  • Cake (piece) – 2
  • Cake (whole) 14
  • Carrot – 3
  • Cooked Chicken/Mutton/Salmon – 6
  • Cooked Cod/Rabbit – 5
  • Cooked Porkchop – 8
  • Cookie – 2
  • Dried Kelp – 1
  • Glow/Sweet Berries – 2
  • Golden Carrot – 6
  • Melon Slice – 2
  • Mushroom Stew – 6
  • Potato – 1
  • Pumpkin Pie – 8
  • Rabbit Stew – 10
  • Steak – 8
  • Raw Beef, Chicken, Porkchop, Salmon – Less than 3

By analyzing the “menu” above, one can quickly spot that specific foods provide the most significant points.

The whole cake is considered to be an alternative capable of providing the highest energy since it scores 14 food points. However, the cake is not a straightforward item since you can’t consume it directly from your inventory.


To consume a cake, you must first place it on the environment, on top of another block.

Then, you must interact with it, making the character consume one slice per interaction; even though the item is in the food category and provides the highest points, it’s a no-no.

On the other hand, the rabbit stew treats the character with ten food points and is an inventory item you can take anywhere and consume straightforwardly.

Therefore, it’s the best option considering foods that diminish hunger the most.

rabbit stew