Minecraft has plenty of random events that can either be highly fruitful for your gameplay or pretty dangerous. For instance, you can stumble upon shipwrecks and buried treasures or into sketchy temples and pillagers’ posts.

Now, one of Minecraft’s most war-like mechanisms, which, although dangerous, can provide a good loot, is the pillager’s raid. The feature operates as an event, a consequence of a negative buff called “bad omen”.

However, even though bad omen is fun in its way, it can cause some trouble for non-aware players entering a village. Still, some actions can make this negative buff disappear before trouble begins.

Let’s discuss how to get rid of bad omen in Minecraft in a pretty practical way.

What Bad Omen Does

Bad omen puts the player as a pillager raid target whenever they enter any village.

So, when the negative buff is active while inside a village, several pillagers begin to strike in waves, with the final round containing a ravager mob.

Fortunately, defeating all enemy waves grants the player a few rewards. For instance, apart from the regular and valuable loot from indicators, ravagers, and pillagers, the villagers from the village express their admiration by throwing gifts at the new hero.

By the end of the raid, the player will receive a positive buff called “hero of the village”, and the natives of the small town will emit celebrating sounds.

Furthermore, there are different approaches to end a raid sooner and collect the rewards faster.

If you find it troubling to fight raids and fear losing your items during a pillager invasion, use some tips for finding the location where you died.

How to Get Bad Omen

This negative buff strikes the player after they kill a patrol captain, which commonly walks with a group of pillagers holding a faction banner. Therefore, the first and most basic approach to avoid getting bad omen is to evade patrolling pillagers.

Additionally, even if you can’t resist the urge to beef with pillagers, there is a method of striking the patrol captain without receiving a bad omen.

For the method mentioned above to work, the player must indirectly defeat the patrol captain by throwing them in lava or thorns, by exploding or suffocating it.

In addition, setting the captain on fire or hitting them with a crossbow loaded with fireworks will immunize the player from the bad omen.

So, going after the enemy using flint and steel as a weapon and starting a fire on the ground they are standing will trick the game into believing the fire did the final blow, not you.

Now, if you got the bad omen anyway and are trying to get rid of it, you’ll need a few different approaches. Let’s see them.

Removing Bad Omen

After directly killing the patrol captain and getting stuck with the negative buff, there are basically two methods of getting rid of the curse.

The first guaranteed method of removing bad omen is simply walking straight into a village and slaying all enemies from the pillager attack. As a result, the curse will disappear, switching itself with the “hero of the village” buff.

Therefore, if you’re in for some good loot, you can remove bad omen by doing the raid; as a bonus, you’ll get valuable rewards.

It’s essential to note that there is no need to head directly into a village center since having a single villager nearby suffices to trigger the raid. Therefore, you can still try diminishing damages on villages by evoking pillagers’ waves.

Still, the second approach is something way more straightforward, and if you’re playing Minecraft long enough, it will be reasonably acquirable.

For those with an active cow farm, grab a bucket, right-click any cow and gather its milk.

In Minecraft, if you drink milk, every status effect disappears, resulting in your character losing all negative and positive buffs. So, by consuming milk, you’ll get rid of the bad omen curse and will be able to enter villages safely.

However, if you didn’t grow your farm enough to have cows, you can use the same approach on wild ones. The only essential item you’ll need is a bucket, which asks for three silver bars in its recipe.

Finally, you can simply do the long wait until the debuff disappears: 1 hour and 40 minutes.