If you’re a fan of Thor in Norse mythology, you’ll get a kick from playing Astral Sorcery in Minecraft. The mod combines starlight and constellation magic with Minecraft’s survival and crafting style.

Astral Sorcery offers a bunch of content in the Overworld, letting you explore both sky and ground to find ruins, new minerals, and new elements. So, expect a massive change of gameplay if you’re planning to make a fresh start on Astral Sorcery.

Even though the mod has an in-game book guide to help you get the ball rolling, you might still find it difficult to make meaning of things while advancing in the mod’s lore.

For this reason, we’ve come up with our own Minecraft Astral Sorcery guide to make the mod’s content feel as easy as pie.

Astral Sorcery

This magic-focused mod, developed by “HellFirePVP”, has specific lore, which you’ll need to progress, much like a campaign. So, keep an eye out for unique structures and item requirements to sail smoothly through Astral Sorcery’s fantastic world.

You can download it on Forge’s website.

If you’re having trouble installing the mod, check our article on how to install mods in Minecraft.

Fortunately, the in-game “Astral Tome” has information about the above structures and items, and you can crack the book mid-game if you feel lost.

The mod currently runs in Minecraft version 1.16.5 and receives many yearly updates.


The Astral Sorcery map contains plenty of new, distinctive structures scattered randomly worldwide. But, most of them have a similar role.

As mentioned before, the game picks a bit of the “mythology style” that is common in Thor’s movies and books. In this sense, all its temples and ruins feature “Greek-like” marble pillars, floors, and decorations.

Although there are different complexities in all randomly generated structures, they often contain similar loot.

So, while exploring these structures, you’ll typically find 1 to 4 chests, each containing items and ingredients to help you progress in the mod.


Astral Sorcery adds a single vegetation asset to Minecraft; the “Faint Amaranth”. You’ll typically find this flower in high-altitude places; it’s a glowy flower that emits a dim light.

If you harvest the Faint Amaranth, you’ll get an amount of glowstone dust, a vital ingredient to use when crafting in Astral Sorcery.


Diversifying a bit from Minecraft’s vanilla minerals, you’ll meet three new types of ore playing this mod.

Rock Crystal Ore

This ore resides in deep levels, generally close to Bedrock — you’ll typically find them between “y” levels 1 to 6. Only a diamond pickaxe can break this type of ore, which drops rock crystals.

Aquamarine Shale

You’ll find this type of mineral in rivers, lakes, and similar bodies of water; they’ll typically be next to sand clusters.

Aquamarine shale breaks easily, and you won’t need any specific tool to get it.

Starmetal Ore

The starmetal ore isn’t a natural resource; to get it, you’ll need to use a Linking Tool and shine starlight from a collector crystal onto an iron ingot.

Early Game

Now that you know a few of the mod’s essential elements, it’s time for the hustle and bustle.

In Minecraft Astral Sorcery, the game’s main element is crystals; with them you can craft crystal axes, pickaxes, shovels, etc. These tools are vital to progress in the mod’s lore.

The first step is to craft the Astral Tome; get three units of aquamarine, one “Parchment”, and one book. You can create “Parchment” by placing four units of paper surrounding a unit of aquamarine on a crafting table. Finally, to craft the tome, follow the recipe below:

After creating the tome, it’s vital to loot constellation papers and put them inside of it — yes, the tome stores an alternative inventory just for constellation papers; access it by holding shift and opening the inventory.

Opening the book will grant you access to a single chapter named “Discovery”. In this chapter, you’ll find all information you need about ores, the tome, constellation papers, the resonating wand, etc.

Progressing to the next chapter requires the player to craft the “Luminous Crafting Table”.

To craft the “Luminous crafting table” you’ll need to follow a few steps.

First, sail through the world and find a temple or ruin with a floating crystal inside; encountering the crystal can be a long shot, so prepare to hit the road.

After finding the proper spot, create a crafting table and place it under the crystal. At this point, you’ll need to ensure nothing is blocking the sky from the crystal above the crafting table; this is because the mechanism works by directly capturing starlight. Therefore, you must do this at night.

With everything set up, your crafting table will turn into a “Luminous crafting table”. You must use a crystal axe or pickaxe to pick the table up.

Next, focus on collecting the materials to craft a “Resonating Wand”.

You’ll need two units of aquamarine, one ender pearl, and two marble blocks. After pocketing the materials, get to a crafting table and do the following:

This wand is vital to crafting anything on the luminous crafting table. So, you’ll definitely need it in Minecraft Astral Sorcery.

At this point, you’ve noticed that the light level values of Astral Sorcery’s blocks are way above normal Minecraft’s.

Chapter Two

On the Astral Tome, you’ll notice that a second chapter from the book pops up; it’s called “Exploration” and it contains a bundle of new stuff to craft and study.

Like the previous chapter, you’ll have to craft the items that appear on the book’s page.

During this chapter, you’ll learn that the resonating wand can point out rock crystal ores; if you equip it, a light will come from areas of the floor, meaning there is a crystal ore underground.

Next on the news is the illumination powder. To craft it, go to your luminous crafting table and place four glowstone units and an aquamarine ore together. But, hold your horses; you’ll need to use your resonating wand to craft it out of the table.

The illumination powder is a crafting ingredient and a light source block that can be placed or thrown.

Continuing on, you’ll have nocturnal powder, which is the opposite of the illumination powder. In this chapter, you’ll also get the “cave illuminator”, an item that lights up all cave tunnels in a certain radius.

A bit ahead, you’ll craft the “looking glass” — yes, it’s just a good ol’ “pocket” telescope. You can use this item to find constellations in the sky.

To progress in the mod, use the constellation papers as guides to spot star formations in the sky.

The next thing on your radar should be the “Lightwell”. This item is useful for converting regular starlight into liquid. After crafting the “Lightwell” and placing it on the floor, it’ll remind you of composters; they’re similar in shape and function.

The liquid starlight is important to progress into the next chapter of Minecraft Astral Sorcery.

The next item on the list is the “Fosic Resonator”, which you can carry in your hand to reveal an area with high rates of starlight energy.

Next, you’ll need to craft an “Astral Relay”. This item can increase the starlight energy in your luminous crafting table. But, you’ll have to set it properly for it to work. So, place a glass panel on top of it, and right-click with the wand to know what you need to do.

Finally, to wrap up this chapter, you must create the “starlight crafting altar”, which is actually an upgrade on your luminous crafting table. So, by using the altar’s recipe on a luminous crafting table, you’ll upgrade it.

Like the previous chapter, you’ll be able to progress to the third after completing all the contents from the second chapter.

Chapter Three

In chapter three, you’ll use the crafting altar to craft new and better items. At this stage, you’ll be able to create the telescope — a better version of the “looking glass!”. The telescope is essential to find new constellations quickly.

The chapter introduces lenses, which are reflective panels you can place on floors; to use them, you’ll need to activate a floating crystal with your resonating wand.

The method works after you select the crystal and a lens — the lens must be on the ground.

You can create plenty of lens settings to make the light from the crystal travel somewhere; the main reason to do this is to increase the crafting speed on starlight-related processes. For example, you can direct this light to a “lightwell”, making it produce liquids quickly.

The next thing that players meet in this chapter for the first time is the “starlight transmutation”.

First, link the light from the crystal — the same we’ve discussed above — to a block of mineral ore, like iron. The result of this process will be a new and rarer mineral. That’s transmutation.

Next, you’ll be able to craft the “starmetal cutting tool”.

This tool can split crystal rocks into different sizes and shapes; it can also combine the crystals in a different process that uses liquid starlight. Additionally, this tool can get you stardust from starmetal ingots.

Then, to progress further, you’ll need to create the “celestial altar”. Like in the previous chapter, crafting the “starlight crafting altar” was a way of upgrading the luminous crafting table. In this chapter, you’ll upgrade the crafting altar to a celestial altar; this is necessary to progress.

Finally, you’ll discover celestial gateways, which are teleport systems.

These gateways require a unique build display to work; after completing it, you must place the gateway block in the center. Then, you can use items such as aquamarine to lock the gateway and bound it to you.

This chapter is called “Attunement”.

By now, you’ve grasped how to progress in Minecraft Astral Sorcery and the importance of the “Astral tome”. The next chapters will work similarly, so you’ll need to keep upgrading your tools, uncovering new items, and discovering new stuff to progress.

Chapter Four

Now that you’ve got the gist, we’ll discuss the following chapters by quickly explaining the new items you’ll discover. In the fourth chapter, called “Constellation”, the new stuff is mostly an upgrade to what you’ve seen in the previous chapters.

Let’s see a few of the new content:

  • Colored Lenses: This item is an upgrade to regular lenses. The new feature? It can reflect starlight, passing it through with different colors. Each color has a special effect.
    • Orange: Can burn mobs and cook items.
    • Red: Can burn mobs but not players.
    • Yellow: Eliminate blocks.
    • Green: Can make crops grow faster.
    • Pink: Has a healing effect on players and mobs.
    • Light Blue: Thrusts mobs and players.
  • Spectral Lenses: You can insert these on already-existing lenses to make the starlight reflection pass through blocks.
  • Celestial Crystals: These crystals are better and more efficient than regular rock crystals. You can craft them by mixing rock crystal, starlight liquid, and crystal dust in a hole.
  • Resplendent Prism: A piece of equipment that you can wear in the amulet slot; it adds enchantment levels to enchantments you already have. Use the Celestial Altar to change the enchantments that this item uses.
  • Stellar Refraction Table: This table is the mod’s version of an enchantment table. To use it you’ll have to mix constellations that you already found on a parchment unit. The rate of succeeding in this type of enchantment is low and depends on the sky constellations and current nighttime.
  • Tree Beacon: This block will affect any sapling near it; it will cause the sapling to grow with a decaying appearance. Then, the tree will drop logs, saplings, and wood in higher quantities than a typical tree.
  • Advanced Sextant: An in-game tool that indicates the location of woodland mansions, desert temples, etc.
  • Crystal Prism: An item for lenses that can split crystal light in two directions.
  • Illumination Wand: You can assign any block to become a light source with this wand.
  • Starlight Infuser: This mechanism infuses liquid starlight with aquamarine and various tools. The result might be an infused tool or resonating gem. Infused tools have certain advantages, such as shockwave damage for swords, mineral radar for pickaxes, etc.
  • Collector Crystal: A strong source of starlight that you can link to your altars and receive even more starlight power.
  • Iridescent Altar: The last altar upgrade. Place the ingredients for this altar on your current celestial altar. Then, an animation will begin, granting you access to the next stage of “Astral Sorcery”.

Like in the previous chapters, you’ll need to craft the iridescent altar above as it is an upgrade of the crafting table. Then, you’ll be able to create even stronger items and tools.

Late Game

The last chapter of your Astral Tome is called “Radiance”. By this point, you’re in the late game and have plenty of powerful mechanisms, tools, and starlight energy. Now, you’re pretty close to beating the mod. So let’s review a bit of the new stuff in this chapter.

  • Crafting & Constellation: Using the Iridescent Altar, you can use crystals that were tuned to a constellation; this is a way of “focusing” the constellation on the item you’re crafting. You can make this with your wand and these are the possible attunements:
    • Armara: If you activate the wand, the damages you receive will significantly drop.
    • Discidia: Every hit on an enemy causes more damage than the previous (2x max.).
    • Evorsio: Breaking a block with the wand in your offhand will cause all identical blocks on a 5x5x5 area to instantly break, becoming dropped items.
    • Aevitas: Having the wand on your character’s hand you’ll be able to walk through the air in-game.
    • Vicio: While aiming with the wand, you’ll be able to select a target location and shoot yourself towards it.
  • Mantle of Stars: A chest plate themed after the mod’s astral vibe.
  • Observatory: The last upgrade of the “looking glass”.
  • Containment Chalice: The chalice is a godly upgrade of the bucket; it can contain up to 24 units of any liquid.
  • Ichosic Resonator: The last upgrade of the fosic resonator. This item indicates underground lava and water below your character.
  • Evershifting Fountain: Combine the Ichosic Resonator with the Evershifting Fountain and a Containment Chalice to have a drilling mechanism that pulls up any underground liquid, storing it.

We’ve skipped a few not-so-relevant items.

But, the guide stays a general leading tip to people starting on Minecraft Astral Sorcery and even players trying to progress past the mid-game. The main trick is always to check the “Astral Tome” and build the required items to advance.