You can significantly improve your Minecraft experience by browsing through a few third-party clients and selecting the ideal for you.

Typically, a third-party Minecraft client positively differs from the original by enhancing overall performance, FPS, customization, and mod implementation. Most clients have unique features and can support modpacks, including texture packs and shaders.

Mainly, these clients offer exciting configuration options that allow players to optimize the game by allocating more RAM, for example. They’re also helpful for downloading mods, with many reaching a greater download speed than regular Internet browsers.

So, what is the best Minecraft client available? This article will discuss just that; we’ll also mention a few excellent alternatives.

Lunar Client

The highly popular Lunar client is a community-acclaimed client that also features a mod package function. In addition, the client works on a few operational systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The Lunar client is pretty easy to use and provides quality performance optimization features.

Popularly, the Lunar client is currently the best alternative concerning FPS improvement. The client has a “boosted frame” promise, aiming to double the FPS count for most devices.

As a result of this client’s trendiness and success, there’s a high traffic of updates, including the most recent versions of mods and resource packs. In total, the mod count in this client surpasses 65.

The client is constantly up-to-date with the game’s latest version and the developer team posts detailed monthly patch notes.

Additionally, the Lunar client includes a dedicated 1v1 server called “Lunar Network”; there, players can meet and improve their PvP skills.

Finally, the client is completely free, and you can download it from the developer’s website.

Feather Client

This modern Minecraft client has recently stood out for its optimized behavior, often impacting the game’s FPS positively.

In addition, this client’s compatibility with the most popular mods makes it optimal for the community that enjoys Forge and Fabric packs.

This client only works for Windows systems and has exciting features such as built-in voice chat and an organized mod library. Additionally, you can host servers free of charge while using the Feather client.

While in-game, you can use Feather’s interface to change some parameters mid-game; you can also set some informative bars such as armor status display on the screen’s corner. You can quickly toggle any mod or extra feature in the gameplay interface.

You can download this client for free from the developer’s site.

Badlion Client

This client, also pretty popular, stands out as a mod-friendly client, with built-in tools that enable players to integrate and download mods easily.

As with most clients, Badlion also includes an enhancement in Minecraft’s FPS.

In addition, the client is highly favored by players who enjoy multiplayer activities, especially PvP duels. The main reason is this client’s anti-cheat functionality, which is built into the software. As a result, popular servers such as Hypixel use this client a lot.

This client works for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Moreover, it’s entirely free and compatible with the most recent versions of Minecraft.