If your Minecraft gameplay feels too perfect and dandy, maybe it’s time to spice things up.

The Minecraft Blood Magic mod might be your gameplay’s missing piece. This mod mixes magic with action and gore, delivering a unique “bloody” experience.

Even if playing Minecraft with mods isn’t your cup of tea, the stuff in Blood Magic will spark your curiosity. The mod feels highly complete and organized; as some gamers say, it feels like a “DLC mod”.

Still, the mod’s content stretches a lot, and you might struggle to make heads or tails out of some things that happen. The mod involves rituals, alchemy, auras, altars, and a bunch of cool-looking stuff that can feel confusing.

For this reason, we’ve created this Minecraft Blood Magic Guide to make the mod’s content feel like a breeze. You’ll learn all the essentials to start and progress in the gameplay.

Blood Magic Mod

The main plot of this mod is the use of blood to practice specific magic skills. The mod explores Arcane arts and expands much of Minecraft’s combat with powerful sorcerous attacks.

Developed by “WayOfTime,” “BBoldt,” “CyanideX,” “TehNut,” and “Yulife,” the blood magic mod has massive pages of content and receives yearly updates. You can download the mod for free through this link.

This mod is similar to the Astral Sorcery one; both are tier-based. So, you’ll need to acquire some stuff and craft a few items to progress to the next chapters.

The Basics of Blood Magic

To progress in the mod, you’ll need to grasp its basics. First, since it’s a magic-centered playstyle, you’ll need some “occult” elements to get started. In Blood Magic, the most important item you’ll need to help you get the ball rolling is the “Demonic Will”.

You can also crack the “Sanguine Sentiem”, an in-mod ancient book that covers all of the mod’s content.

Demonic Will

The demonic will is an element in the Blood Magic mod that goes into most recipes. It’s a bit of a pain to get, though.

To get the demonic will, you’ll need to hit enemy mobs with a “Soul Snare”. The rudimentary snare, when striking enemies, makes them stay under a “bubble” effect. Then, you’ll need to slay them with any weapon.

In earlier versions of this mod, the soul snare was called “Rudimentary Snare”.

After killing the mob in the conditions above, they’ll drop the demon will; loot it.

The demonic will contain quality values that impact the crafting on the hellfire forge. So, by resting the cursor above the item, you’ll see its quality value, which will be a number. The higher the number, the better.

Hellfire Forge

The hellfire forge is sort of this mod’s crafting table. But, instead of using typical items in its panels, it requires magical ingredients as fuel, such as the demonic will.

One of the first things you’ll craft with the hellfire forge is the “Petty Tartaric Gem”, which is essential to progress further. To craft it, you’ll need one of each: lapis lazuli, gold ingot, Redstone dust, and glass. Place the items on the forge’s corners and wait a few seconds.

Tartaric Gem

The tartaric gem is a type of container for demonic will. The amount you can store depends on the gem’s type; if petty, normal, etc.

You can use the gem as fuel in the hellfire forge. This way, the forge will run for longer and will be able to craft more will-demanding items.

Sentient Sword

The sentient sword is a weapon type in Minecraft’s Blood Magic that you’ll need to have. To craft it, you’ll need one fully-charged tartaric gem and an iron sword; put the items in the hellfire forge, and voilà.

An extra perk of this sword is its ability to gather demonic will from enemies. You can slay monsters with the sentient sword, granting you demonic will. This method is pretty quicker than using the “Rudimentary Snare” item.

The sword itself is not particularly strong at first and won’t strike more damage than a diamond sword. But, funny enough, if you drop it from your inventory and pick it up again, it’ll have a new damage score of 7.5.

This damage value is higher than that of diamond swords.

You can also enchant this sword with all the vanilla enchantments available. So, you can make this sword hold the best enchantments available for close-range weapons.

Blood Altar

This block is fundamental to progress in the mod.

The blood altar is a transmutation table that uses “Life Essence” to transmute items. The altar has a “life essence tank” and you need to refuel it from time to time. The maximum capacity this “tank” holds is 1.000 life essence.

You can expand this block as you progress in the game’s lore. This type of progression happens similarly to the lunar tables on Astral Sorcery mod and uses tier levels. Currently, Blood Magic features six tiers of the blood altar, with only five available in survival mode.

Sacrificial Dagger

This is where the fun begins. The sacrificial dagger is an item you’ll use to gather “life essence”. To use it, approach a blood altar and press the “use” button. Then, your character will cut themselves and pour some blood on the altar’s center.

This action will harm your character in survival mode, making them lose a few health points.

Life Essence

Life essence is essentially blood; it’s blood with a fancy name. So, it’s red and you’ll need it for the blood altar. You can acquire it through different methods. Apart from the sacrificial dagger method, let’s see a few more below:

  • Coat of Arms – This item is a chest plate that you can use to store life essence from enemies. So, you’ll start filling the coat when wearing it and slaying any mob.
  • Blood Letter’s Pack – This item, which is also a chest plate, works similarly to the “Coat of Arms”. But, it’ll convert any health points you lose into life essence.

Blood Orbs

Blood orbs are essential items from the Blood Magic mod that you’ll need for crafting and transferring life essence into soul networks.

To craft a blood orb, head towards the blood altar and, with a diamond in hand, use the altar. As a result, the diamond will hover on the altar and consume some of the blood in it. After a few seconds, it’ll turn into a blood orb.

Pick up the orb and use it on your hand; this will bind it to your character. From then on, the orb will behave as “storage” for life essence points.

Most elements in the mod, such as the alchemy table, lava crystal, incense altar, and more, require at least one blood orb. For this reason, always keep them in your pockets.


Runes are elements in the mod that you can use to customize the blood altar and even add a few extra functions.

The blood altar is necessary to craft runes.

So, the altar kind of “boils” the required ingredients, which are polished stones. After the boil, the stones turn into blank slates; gather about 16 to create a single blank rune.

Mixing the blank rune with specific ingredients on a crafting table gives you a functional rune. For example, you’ll craft a speed rune if you use sugar as an ingredient with a blank rune.

You’ll need to dig a 1-block deep hole on the altar’s surrounding blocks to apply the runes’ bonus to it. Then, place the runes inside the holes.

There are seven types of runes available in Blood Magic; they are:

  • Rune of Augmented Capacity – Increases life essence capacity by 2.000.
  • Rune of Dislocation – Increase life essence transfer speed by 20%.
  • Rune of Sacrifice – Increase life essence from sacrificing mods by 10%.
  • Rune of Self-sacrifice – Increases life essence from offering own blood by 10%.
  • Rune of Superior Capacity – Increases life essence capacity by 10%.
  • Rune of the Orb – Increases soul network life essence storage capacity by 2%.
  • Speed Rune – Speeds up transmutation processes by 20%.

Lava Crystal

The lava crystal is a craftable item that behaves as an “infinite” fuel source for the furnace.

So, after crafting it you must bind the crystal to yourself. From then on, the crystal will use life essence from your soul network to gather “strength”.

Placing the crystal on the furnace fuel slot will have the same effect as if you were to put coal. But, the crystal won’t stop burning; it’s an ever-lasting heat source.

Divination Sigil

The divination sigil — to summarize — shows how many life essence points you have.

But, to craft the divination sigil, you’ll need to follow a few steps. First, craft some arcane ashes; you’ll use them for ritual purposes.

With the arcane ashes in hand, interact with the floor; you’ll notice that a circular white marking appears. Next, you’ll need to change the marking pattern by right-clicking it with Redstone dust.

Now, the marking will display a specific pattern; two circles, kind of like a full moon and half moon figure. Then, interact with it while holding a blank slate unit. Consequently, the marking will disappear, and the slate will turn into a “Divination Sigil”.

Hold the sigil in your character’s hand and interact to check the number of life essence points you have. Then, an “LP” amount will appear in the chat bar, revealing how much you have in your Soul Network.

You can also use this sigil to track the blood altar’s progression status. To do so, hold the sigil in the character’s hand and interact directly with the altar.

Apart from the divination sigil, Blood Magic also has a bunch of other sigils; they are:

  • Air
  • Divination
  • Ender
  • Harvest Goddess
  • Lava
  • Augmented Holding
  • Compression
  • Divinity
  • Elemental Affinity
  • Ender Severance
  • Haste
  • Holding
  • Magnetism
  • Sight
  • Suppression
  • Swimming
  • Blood Lamp
  • Fast Miner
  • Green Grove
  • Phantom Bridge
  • Whirlwind
  • Void
  • Water

Incense Altar

The incense altar is a block that boosts the sacrificial dagger’s life essence production.

The altar acts within a certain radius. So, pulling out the dagger while standing a few feet from the altar, you’ll notice an enchantment-like effect on the weapon. This effect is the incense buff.

Don’t go jumping head first, though.

Be careful; using the dagger while under the incense effect makes 90% of your health go down the drain. But, in contrast, you’ll receive 20% life essence points.

You can increase the incense altar’s efficiency by upgrading the blood altar to higher tiers.

Alchemy Table

The alchemy table is a vital element in Minecraft Blood Magic. This block is a crafting tool for alchemy-related items exclusive to the mod. This table behaves similarly to the vanilla brewing stand; you can use it to make potions and ingredients.

In the “fuel” panel, you’ll need to place a blood orb; the table uses LP to work. There are plenty of recipes that you can make on the alchemy table initially. Plus, as you progress in the mod, you’ll be able to upgrade the table, stretching the number of recipes you can do.


Now, let’s jump into action. Rituals are this mod’s superstar; there are about 18 of them, and performing them is exciting.

In most cases, you’ll need a ritual stone. You can craft a ritual stone with four obsidian blocks, four reinforced slates, and an apprentice blood orb. Place these items on a crafting table following the setting below:

For rituals to happen, you must stage a physical setting, with ritual stones adjacent to different blocks in a specific formation. There are plenty of displays, and they depend on the ritual.

After arranging the scene, interact with a ritual stone, and the obscure stuff will happen.

Early Game

Now that we’ve chewed the fat out of Blood Magic’s basics let’s discuss a bit of the actual in-game progression.

First of all, if you think that you’ll be diving deep into the mod’s content in a few minutes of gameplay, keep your shirt on. You’ll need a good amount of diamonds, iron, gold, and other high-value ores just to set your first foot on the door.

Typically, players on a late-game status can progress more smoothly through Blood Magic.

After getting enough items, you can begin by crafting and pursuing everything we’ve discussed in the basics above. So, start by getting demonic wills, craft the hellfire forge, gather blood orbs, etc.

Then, evolve your blood altar with runes. Keep progressing to higher tiers by expanding the runes around the altar.

A bit further down the road, you’ll meet something new: aura. The aura is a will-based energy force that whirls around the player. To understand it better, craft the demon crucible and demon crystallizer.

After completing the initial steps above, your journey in Minecraft Blood Magic will sail smoothly. Still, ensure you’re gathering enough demonic wills and blood orbs. Life essence is essential to progress and enter higher tiers.