The Barrows gear sets provide significant versatility to any Old School RuneScape account. There are six different sets, each with its own unique looks, items, and set effects.

The variety of this gear allows OSRS players to diversify their playstyles, while still progressing their accounts. Barrows equipment encompasses four sets for melee: Verac’s, Torag’s Dharok’s, and Guthan’s, while Magic and Ranged have Ahrim’s and Karil’s sets, respectively.

All six of these sets are highly sought-after by many mid-to high-level OSRS players, therefore, you should learn how to keep it repaired. In this guide, I’ll demonstrate how to repair Barrows in OSRS.

Barrows Gear Overview

Barrows gear provides significant upgrades to lower-tier, more easily obtained gear. In addition, many players seek the gear to use its various set effects.

For example, Guthan’s armor set allows players to regain HP equal to the damage they inflict.

Meanwhile, Dharok’s set allows players to do more damage with more missing HP. Many players utilize this effect for activities such as fighting the Giant Mole under Falador Park, and training melee stats in the Nightmare Zone.

In terms of Ranged and Magic, Karil’s set provides stronger magic defense bonuses than dragonhide armor, while Ahrim’s offers enhancements to both magic strength and defense. 

However, using any set of the Barrows gear comes with a price. Each individual piece of gear degrades after 15 hours of combat usage. Players can see the degraded status of their Barrows gear by checking the number following the item’s name.

For example, “Torag’s Platebody 50” would denote the platebody, which is at roughly 50% durability, and repairing Barrows gear isn’t totally obvious.


Fortunately, there are several ways to repair degraded Barrows gear. As an Old School RuneScape player looking to sustain their Barrows equipment, you should keep it repaired.

Repairing Degrading Equipment

When you receive a piece of Barrows gear from the Barrows chest, it starts at full durability. After 15 hours of combat, even if using protection prayers or otherwise not taking damage, it will fully degrade.

When fully degraded, the equipment must be repaired before it can be equipped again. There are two ways to repair Barrows gear.

NPC Methods

The first is to visit one of the following NPC’s (Non-Player Characters):

Bob, the axe salesman in Lumbridge


There are several great quests and activities around here, including Tears of Guthix, where you can get weekly experience in your lowest skill, and the questline that unlocks Fairy Rings, some of the most useful teleports in the game.

Dunstan, the smith in Burthorpe


In Burthorpe, there are several great things to do, such as the Rogue’s Den, where you can get the Rogue outfit, the Warrior’s Guild, where you can get the Dragon Defender, and the quests that unlock Trollheim and the God Wars Dungeon.

Tindel Marchant, the repairman at Port Khazard


Port Khazard is a pretty remote location only visited for this purpose, the charter ships, and the Fishing Trawler minigame, where you can obtain the Angler’s outfit.

Squires in the workshop area of Void Knight Outpost


You can reach the Void Knight Outpost by taking a ship from Port Sarim, or by using the “Pest Control” minigame teleport. While you’re here, you should also consider working towards Elite Void Equipment.


Each of the aforementioned NPCs charges a fee for repairing your Barrows equipment.

This fee remains the same regardless of the NPC used or your Smithing level. They will charge 60,000 GP to repair Barrows headgear, 90,000 GP to repair Barrows bodies, 80,000 GP to repair Barrows legs, and 100,000 GP to repair Barrows weapons. In total, it will cost 330,000 GP to repair a full set of Barrows gear from any of these NPCs. 

Player-Owned-House Method

If you have a Player-Owned House, and an armor stand within it, you can repair your Barrows gear yourself.

Of course, you must have 55 Construction, as well as the necessary materials, to build this item in your house. Using the armor stand to repair Barrows gear typically costs less than taking it to the NPCs mentioned above.


Additionally, your Smithing level factors into the repair costs. The higher your Smithing level, the lower the costs of repairing with an armor stand. In fact, you can use stat boosts to your Smithing level to further reduce repair costs. 

Old School RuneScape uses a rather complex mathematical formula to compute the costs of repairing with an armor stand. In simplest terms, every two Smithing levels reduce the cost of repairing by 1%, when compared with the baseline NPC costs. Therefore, at 99 Smithing, you pay roughly half of the NPC repair costs at your armor stand.


There are a number of different methods to repair Barrows gear in OSRS.

For example, you can take your gear to any of these four NPCs: Bob, Tindel Marchant in Port Khazard, Dunstan, or Void Knight Squires. Of course, you are likely familiar with at least one of them due to your previous adventures throughout Old School RuneScape.

Alternatively, if you have a player-owned house and 55 Construction, you can reduce repair costs by using an armor stand in your house.

Using these methods, you can easily fix your Barrows gear in OSRS, potentially at reduced costs.