The Holy island of Entrana is a unique location within Old School Runescape. Many players visit the area to complete a number of quests, blow various crafting items from molten glass, and do some farming.

In addition, players can find the Law Altar for Runecraft, a dock with bait and small net fishing locations, and a shop selling various Herblore supplies. 

The island is an important locale in a number of quests necessary for account progression, such as “Enlightened Journey”, “Lost City”, and “Recipe For Disaster.” These quests require visits to Entrana and unlock a number of utilities for account progression upon completion.

For example, “Lost City” is the first in a series of quests that unlocks the Fairy Ring teleportation system. Many players regard these Fairy Rings as one of the most prevalent and useful unlocks in the entire game.

Meanwhile, “Recipe for Disaster” unlocks the Barrows gloves, the best-in-slot combat item for a large chunk of the game’s progression, though you’ll need to know how to repair Barrows gear if you use this.

Actually getting to Entrana, however, requires a unique mechanic specific to the location. This mechanic often makes it difficult for less experienced players to reach the island.

Fortunately, the mechanic has a very simple explanation: read on to discover how to get to Entrana in OSRS. 

First Time Accessing Entrana

There are several ways to get to Entrana, but if you have not visited the island before, there will only be one available way to you.

You must talk to the monks on the Port Sarim docks and ask them to take you to Entrana.

Here is where the unique mechanic comes in: a large variety of commonly used equipment is banned on Entrana. If you have any of this prohibited equipment in your inventory or have it equipped, you will NOT be able to access Entrana.

As a general rule of thumb, you cannot take any equipment (armor, weapons, capes, etc.) that provides an Attack or Defence bonus. Additionally, several items that do not provide bonuses are also prohibited.

These items include Banners, the Swift Blade, the Ham Joint, any of the Godswords, implings in jars, the Dwarf Cannon, and reward crates from Soul Wars or Wintertodt. 

There are also a number of exceptions to this rule.

Any purely cosmetic clothes, for example, can be worn to Entrana, as well as any colored robes. All of the God books and blessings are permitted on Entrana, as well. Weight reduction items, including the Boots of Lightness, Graceful Outfit, and Spottier Cape won’t give you any issues, either.

Finally, combat reagents, such as runes and arrows or other Ranged ammunition types, are an exception to the rule.

Additional Access Methods

After completing “Enlightened Journey,” you will be able to access Entrana via the hot air balloon system.

Likewise, after completing the “Troll Stronghold” quest, and with 54 Runecraft, you can use the Abyss to travel to the Law Altar, which is located on Entrana. Simply complete the mini-quest “Enter the Abyss,” then talk to the Mage of Zamorak in low-level Wilderness to have him teleport you to the Abyss.

From there, you can tackle a skill-based obstacle to reach the inner ring, where you can teleport directly to the Runecraft altar of your choosing. Keep in mind that you can’t have any of the aforementioned items on Entrana, regardless of the method used to access the island.


Entrana is one of the most unique locations in OSRS, due to its specific access mechanics.

Reaching the island can be done in several steps:

First, make sure to unequip and bank any combat items or items with combat bonuses.

Next, take a ship from Port Sarim, use the hot air balloon transport system, or access the Law Altar via the Abyss. Note that the monks on Entrana will still search you for any prohibited items, regardless of how you reached the island.

Follow these simple steps, and you can easily get to Entrana in Old School RuneScape.