Valorant’s Bind map is the only map that has teleporters for shortcuts. The map will feel different from all the other maps just because of this addition.

Players can send abilities through the teleporter to support their teammates from the other side.

There are a lot more interactions you can do with the teleporter, and we got it all covered here.

Map Overview

Bind is a two-site map with no mid-area. It is unique because it is hard to fake rotations naturally. However, there are two teleporters conveniently placed in A Short and B Long.

The teleporters are only accessible through one area. A Short teleports the player to B Short or B Hookah. B Long teleports the player to A Lobby near A Bath.

Once a player takes the teleporter, it makes a loud sound. If players throw weapons inside the teleporter, it gets teleported but with a different sound.

If players use abilities like Yoru’s Decoy or Omen’s Shrouded Step, it makes a player sound.

Bind’s sites are usually attacked from two fronts. B Site is attacked through B Garden and B Hookah. A Site is attacked through A Short and A Bath.

Bind is unique in a way that you can attack each site from two fronts without gaining mid-control first.

It puts a lot of pressure on the defenders to hold sites perfectly without rotating too quickly. Even though Bind is probably the smallest map for rotations, it is still hard to play for a retake once the spike is planted.


  • A Tower (A Heaven)
  • A Site
  • A Lamps (U-Hall)
  • A Bath (A Showers)
  • A Cubby
  • A Short
  • A Lobby
  • A Link
  • Spawn Cave
  • B Link
  • B Short
  • B Fountain
  • B Long
  • B Window (B Hookah)
  • B Garden
  • B Elbow
  • B Site
  • B Halls

Other callouts include the following:

  • A Site Default
  • B Site Default
  • B Short Cubby
  • A Rafters (when they push out A Tower but still on top of the ledge)
  • Tetris (A Site boxes – also called triple box sometimes)

Attacking Strategies

Faking teleporters

The most common strategy for attackers is confusing the enemies on which site to execute.

For example, if your team attacks A Site, but cannot clear the back site or A Heaven, you can still use the teleporter in A Short.

Planting the spike in A is extremely hard if the defenders still control the back site and Tetris (triple boxes).

You can easily teleport just to make the sound and come back to A Site. If you can confirm that all remaining enemies are in A Site defending, you can just teleport and go to B Site.

You will be faster when you rotate and grab the site for free.

Playing for picks

Playing for picks is a good strategy in Bind. Since you can do a lot of fakes and force enemies to rotate, they’ll never know which site your team will push.

When you play for picks, you aim to pick off enemies and gain information. If someone loses, you want someone else to trade them out so it remains equal. When the teams are both whittled down, the team with more information is always favored more.

You can play slow and play for picks. Once you gain information, execute the holes in their defenses.

Always remember you can take teleporters. You will rotate faster than the defenders if you can confirm the defenders are in a specific site.

Fast two-front execute

Bind is the easiest map to push a site from two fronts. When you go for fast pushes, you always want to take both fronts to clear them on the way to the site.

For A Site, you want A Short and A Showers. If you only commit to A Short, you’ll have to clear A Showers too. A Showers will be almost impossible to clear from A Site if the defenders still control the back site.

When you execute B Site, your team should push B Garden and B Window (Hookah) simultaneously. If you don’t push this at the same time, defenders can support B Garden from B Hookah.

Timing is everything.

Use your utilities for fast executes. The team relies heavily on the initiators for the timing and info-gathering.

Fake commit A, then teleport to B

When you commit to a fast A push in A Short and A Showers, you can put one player on lurk in B. This player will only try to get information from defenders in B Site. If defenders push B Link or B Fountain, the lurker can pick off the flank.

Simultaneously, your team pushing A Site will throw their utilities to take A Site. But they can still play it safe, and everyone can use the teleporter and attack B Hookah.

The lurker should confirm that B Garden will be clear and the rotation can clear B Hookah and take over B Site.

This one is harder to do for faking a B Site push and getting A Site through A Shower. The time it takes to go from A Lobby teleporter to A Site is longer than B Hookah to B Site.

Defenders can take the back of A Site once they hear the teleport. However, this can be another fake if you want.

The purpose of using teleports as an attacker is to reset the defender’s position. The defenders will think about whether the attackers are going to rotate to B or use it as a fake and go back to A.

Sage Wall Plant

The most common planting strategy is planting the spike in default (near the boxes in A Short). If you haven’t cleared the back site, you can wall it off and plant the spike.

In this scenario, you want to control A Lamps. If the enemies break the wall, you want to defend the Sage by planting the spike.

It’ll be hard to defend Sage if A Lamps isn’t clear. Players in A Bath can delay them, but if they get smoked out, they won’t be able to support them.

The same strategy is done when pushing A Bath. You can wall off the defenders and plant the spike in the corner.

However, it is much easier to stop the plant even with a wall if they control the whole A Site.

Defending Strategies

‘X-X’ positioning refers to the number of players in a site for A and B, respectively

3-2 Positioning

The usual defense positions for Bind are having 3 players in A and two players in B.

A Short is extremely hard to defend because the enemies don’t have to clear the back site to plant the spike.

However, you want someone supporting from the back site, one covering A Bath, and one pressuring from A Lamps.

When you have this setup, you can throw utilities and make it hard for players to plant the spike.

You want to have a duelist and a support while your sentinel anchors B Site.

This setup forces attackers to choose between attacking 3 players in A Site or your team’s sentinel and another player.

KA/YO is a popular pick because when you suppress the sentinel in B, it’ll be so easy to attack.

2-3 Positioning

Putting three players has one main benefit. You can have one player anchoring the site while the other two players try to make a play in B Long.

B Long is a bit scary for attackers because when you get caught in the middle of the slope, you are a sitting duck.

Defenders can peek with a flash or use other utilities to get you. There is no cover here.

This strategy is harder to do in B Link and B Short. Once you peek from B Hookah with a flash, enemies can hide in the cubby or boxes.

They can also be supported by players who didn’t get blinded in B Link.

The purpose of this positioning is to get a pick off and safely get out. You can rotate another player to A Site after getting a pick-off.

If you didn’t see any enemies in B Long, you can rotate another player to A Site. The other player can lurk and push B Fountain to gain more space.

If the attackers successfully push A, at least you would have another player running on the flank.

Teleporter support

If you position agents like Skye, Raze, Gekko, or KA/YO, they can support B Short by throwing flashes, Boom Bots, Trailblazers, and other utilities.

Defenders can overextend a little in B Window to control it. Once attackers try to push B Hookah, the defender in B Hookah will get picked off for sure.

You can turn this around by supporting with utilities or even teleporting yourself to B Short.

The defender needs to stay in B Hookah and push with you to sandwich them. If they back off, the defenders inside the teleporter will get stuck there.

It requires a lot of communication and timing, but you can sandwich many enemies here.

Since most B Site pushes have attackers splitting B Short and B Long, you can take advantage of them.



Raze is extremely powerful in Bind. There are a lot of slopes, jumpable boxes, and also B Hookah to make her fly higher and further.

Bind has a lot of small cubbies and tight corners, which makes her Paint Shells good for clearing.

The greatest asset for Raze is her amazing entry for B Site. She can clear B Hookah with her Boom Bot.

Afterward, she can throw her Paint Shells to clear the back of B Site and Blast Pack on top of the tube from the boxes in B Hookah.

If the team spots any enemies, a Prowler, Owl Drone, Haunt, or other info-gathering abilities, she has the best tools to take B Site, second to Jett.


Skye’s utilities are much more pronounced in Bind. Her controllable blind is used on teleporters, which can support teammates far away from her.

Her blind can also flash from an off-angle position, such as the top of the walls in B Long.

The blinds can also gather information because she says a voice line when an enemy gets hit by the flash.

Her Trailblazer can go through teleporters or clear tight corners, especially in A Lamps, A Shower, B Elbow, or B Hookah.

Her ultimate can track enemies easily and is much harder to clear on tight areas too.


Sage’s kit is only effective because of her Barrier Orb (wall). Her ability to put up cover for a safe spike plant makes her a good pick already.

Her Slow Orbs prevent enemies from jumping down B Hookah, or slow enemy pushes down. Once she slows enemies under B Hookah, they’ll be a sitting ducks inside the B Site.


Gekko’s whole kit is extremely powerful in Bind. He can throw all of his abilities into teleporters for support.

He can also use them multiple times because you can easily get your pets back to recharge your abilities.

You can clear countless areas by using Dizzy every 10 seconds.

His Thrash is extremely good in close areas because it’ll be hard for the enemies to destroy it from a short distance.

Wingman’s ability to plant and defuse is also unmatched. Some players might even pick Gekko on all maps just because of this ability.


Fade might be the best initiator for Bind. Her Haunt can clear the sites if timed and positioned correctly.

Her Prowler can easily clear B Elbow, A Showers, and A Lamps. Her abilities can go through teleporters as well.

Once you hear spikes being planted, you can use Seize to keep the planter stuck and vulnerable.

You can pair it with Raze’s Paint Shells for an easy pick-off. Nightfall can clear both sites from both angles too.


Viper is a strong agent, but only on maps with long and wide areas. Bind doesn’t have many of these, but it is an exception.

Viper can use her wall to block B Hookah and B Garden and use one-way smokes in A Shower or A Short to cover both sites.

She can block entry paths from anywhere. This isn’t possible in other maps, but it works on Bind.

If you have lineups for post-plant situations, it makes her a good pick because she has two of them.

Viper can close a whole site using Viper’s Pit on defending. It can also make it hard for the defenders to go for post-plant situations inside the Viper’s Pit.