In FIFA 23 player career mode, the speed of growth of your player is directly proportional to how fast you can level up with XP and how well you use the skill points that you earn to increase the player’s attributes.

At the beginning of a new game, you start at level 0 and work your way up through the levels by completing a series of activities, tasks, and games.

When you get to level 40, there is no more room for improvement, although you can still re-assign skill points in a way that could affect the overall rating of the player.

So, the maximum level you can reach in FIFA 23 career mode is level 40. But, what are the most effective ways to get there fast?

Train Regularly

This goes without saying. Even in real life, players only get better with constant training.

In FIFA 23 career mode, there are training drills that you can participate in repeatedly to earn XP. These drills will be available for playing or simulation every few days or so, but you can only simulate after you’ve played a drill at least once by yourself.

Additionally, I would recommend only simulating training drills if you achieved an excellent grade when you played. This is because your simulation score will be a replica of your real score when you played.

Play Regularly

In each game that you participate in, you will be given objectives by the manager to complete.

Completing these objectives increases the number of XP that you gain at the end of the game, so playing many games and completing as many objectives as possible regularly will help you rack up XP faster.

Shop Regularly

In the “Activities” tab of the main page, there is a “Shopping” section where you can purchase items that offer training or skill boosts. Spending the money your earn on these purchases will increase the XP that you gain from completing other related activities.

Be sure to check out the section regularly as new items occasionally pop up after you’ve purchased others. You’re not withdrawing the money anyhow, might as well spend it!

If you’re interested in learning more ways to improve your player quickly in FIFA 23 player career mode, we’ve got a more detailed guide to some useful player growth tips in career mode. Be sure to check it out!