Smoothies in Grounded are an excellent way to boost your natural in-game abilities. As each smoothie recipe provides you with a different bonus, we have decided to focus on the 5 most beneficial smoothies that you could make.

So, regardless of whether you are completely new to Grounded and are looking for a full introduction to the best smoothie recipes, or are looking for a particular one, then this is the article for you.

How to Craft a Smoothie Station

Before we get into exploring the bonuses and requirements for each of our selected smoothies in Grounded, we first need to craft a Smoothie Station, which will be used to combine the ingredients to craft the smoothies.

In order to craft a Smoothie Maker, you will need 1x Acorn Top, 4x Sprig, and 5x Grub Goop. If you are unaware of where to find those ingredients, take a look right below this text.

Acorn Top: In order to get the this ingredient, you must find an Acorn. They are typically located everywhere around the map, however, if you’d like to increase your chances of finding one, you should look nearby the Oak Tree. When you find one, in order to the Acorn Top, you must break the Acorn either with a Pebblet or Insect Hammer

Sprig: This ingredient is a small green plant that can be picked by hand, and can be found in green grass areas in between the stems of grass. It is very common so you shouldn’t really have any difficulties in finding it.

Grub Goop: To obtain this uncommon item, you must dig up and kill grubs that are travelling under the ground. They can be found pretty much anywhere on the map. In order to spot them, carefully pay attention for moving soil in the ground.

After you get your hands on all of the ingredients required to make the smoothie station, proceed to place it in your base or in a safe place so that you can make your powerful smoothies in peace.

Smoothies Recipe Guide

Top 5 Smoothie Recipes in Grounded

Now that you know how to make a smoothie marker, and understand the tremendous value that smoothies will have during your play through of Grounded, let’s get down into the details of each of the five smoothies.

1) Green Machine

The Green Machine smoothie is amongst the most popular smoothies in Grounded. Upon consuming it, it will give your character the bonus of +Hyperstamina, which will boost the recovery rate of your stamina by quite a significant chunk.

In order order to activate the effect, you simply need to drink the potion that you get once you make the smoothie on the smoothie maker.

For the Green Machine smoothie, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1x Clover Leaf
  • 1x Plant Fiber
  • 1x Sprig

If you are unsure of where you can find those ingredient, we have provided you with some comprehensive information that will help you out with this one below.

Clover Leaf: You can get Clover Leaf by chopping down a Clover plant with an axe. These plants can mostly be found in green grass areas, and are not exclusive to a particular location. Rather, you can find them pretty much all over the place.

Plant Fiber: Just like Clover Leaf, you can get this ingredient for the Green Machine smoothie from green grass areas with the only difference that you can pick it up by hand, without the need of any tools.

Sprig: You can obtain this resource by simply picking it up from the ground. It is as small as your character and often grows in-between the stems of grass.

Tip: This smoothie can be most useful when you are fighting bugs or are widely exploring the map and require your stamina to generate faster.

2) Liquid Rage

The Liquid Rage smoothie is a consumable potion, which will give you the bonus of +Attack. This will make you deal a lot more damage to enemy bugs in Grounded. To active the effect of the smoothie, simply drink it, and jump into action.

To create the Liquid Rage smoothie, you will need the following:

  • 1x Ant Mandibles
  • 1x Larva Spike
  • 1x Spider Fang

If you are missing some or all of the ingredients above, read below to find out where and how you can obtain them in the most efficient and quick way possible.

Ant Mandibles: This particular ingredient can be a challenge for many Grounded players to obtain. This is because you will need to kill Soldier Ants, which are a lot more powerful as compared to their smaller cousins, the worker ants. You can find these creatures in the Ant Hills region, quite often in the underground cave that they so passionately defend. Also, don’t forget to bring a torch as fighting in the dark is often a losing strategy.

Tip: A great way to safely get in close proximity to a soldier ant without being attacked is to wear the Ant Armor.

Larva Spike: To get this ingredient, you will need to kill a Larva. You can find Larva’s in to the northwest of Spade Gulch. Once you are in the surrounding area, look for a tunnel in the burrows beneath the ground. That is where you will find the bug to obtain this essential ingredient.

Spider Fang: This rare part can only be obtained from either the yellow Orb Weaver Spider, or the larger predator, which is more well known as the wolf Spider. They are both residing in close proximity to each other nearby the oak tree to the north of the yard. Be careful when you explore this territory as the last thing that you’d want is to be in a fight with multiple giant spiders.

Tip: This smoothie is most effective when you are suddenly fighting a lot of bugs at the same time and desire to end the fight quickly.

3) Boost Juice

Upon consuming the Boost Juice, you can enjoy the benefit of maximizing your normal level of stamina. It works well in conjunction with the Green Machine smoothie, which regenerates your stamina at a much quicker level.

In order to craft the Boost Juice smoothie, you will need:

  • 1x Mushroom
  • 1x Acorn Bits
  • 1x Raw Aphid Meat

If you don’t have them in your possession, read below on how you can get your hands on them.

Mushroom: This ingredient can be found pretty much all over the map, especially near big mushrooms. It can be picked up by hand as it is relatively small.

Acorn Bits: This ingredient drops when you break an acorn with a Pebblet or an Insect Hammer. They can be found pretty much everywhere on the map.

Raw Aphid Meat: This consumable that can actually make you sick if you eat it raw can be obtained by killing an Aphid bug. They roam around the garden quite freely, and are therefore quite easy to find.

Tip: This smoothie is especially useful if you are going on longer expeditions and require more stamina.

4) Fuzz on the Rocks

The Fuzz on the Rocks smoothie will increase your characters maximum health for a period of time. In order to craft this quite disgusting sounding smoothie, you will need:

  • 1x Mite Fuzz
  • 1x Quartzite
  • 1x Pebblet

If you aren’t sure where or how to obtain the ingredients in order to craft it, take a moment to look below.

Mite Fuzz: This ingredient can be obtained by killing red Lawn Mites. You can find these bugs moving around on the ground in dry areas.

Quartzite: This resource can be found in the depths of almost any cave in Grounded. In order to access more of it, make sure that you use a hammer to break it up. Alongside that, make sure that you bring a torch with you as the last thing you want to do is fight bugs in the dark.

Tip: To better your chances of finding Quartzite, move beyond the entrance of the cave and explore the caves deeper.

Pebblet: You can find and pick up Pebblet with your hands pretty much everywhere on the map.

Tip: This smoothie is most beneficial if you are looking to fight a lot of bugs at the same time. At the end, having some extra health will never an unnecessary bonus to have.

5) Gastro Goo

And finally, last but not least, the Gastro Goo smoothie. The key benefit of consuming this smoothie is due to the added protection that you get against poisonous gasses. This means that you can explore territories near western edge of the map that is poisoned with dangerous gas. So, if you don’t have a gas mask handy, and want to explore the Weed Killer Peak marker, then drink one of those and stay protected for up to 2 minutes.

To make this greatly beneficial smoothie, you will need the following:

  • 1x Fungal Growth
  • 1x Stinkbug Gas Sack
  • 1x Aphid Honeydew

If you don’t know where to find these ingredients, don’t worry. You can find out more about each one below.

Fundal Growth: Unfortunately, for this one, you will need to already have a gas mask or attempt to kill poisoned bugs that are just on the border of the poisoned area in the garden. You can obtain Fungal Growth from infected mites and infected weevils.

Stinkbug Gas Sack: In order to get this vital ingredient, you must first take down a mighty Stinkbug and loot it for its parts. Stinkbugs can mainly be found in the toxic region of the garden to the southwest. You can tell if you are near the exact location by noticing that the air is turning to look more yellowish.

Aphid Honeydew: To get this ingredient, you must go in an area where Aphids reside, which is pretty much all over the place. Honeydew can be found on the floor as the Aphid bugs drop it.

Tip: This smoothie is especially beneficial if you don’t have a gas mask and desire to explore the poisoned gas area on the western side of the map.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that having some of these greatly beneficial smoothies in your arsenal can greatly improve your overall experience in Grounded. Make sure that you utilize them accordingly and only use them when you think they are going to be most beneficial to you. That is of course if you are starved for resources and can’t afford to drink another smoothie right away.

One things that we have not spoke about is how long the smoothies last and how beneficial they actually are. It’s not because we want to keep it a secret, but rather because we simply do not know.

After running some tests, we can only for sure say that by drinking the Gastro Goo smoothie, we did not take any damage in the poisoned zone of the map for 2 minutes. This could only lead us to believe that the rest of the smoothies in Grounded last for just as long.