Whether you are making expansions to your current base in Grounded or are looking to construct an entirely new project, carrying more building materials than normal definitely has its benefits. By being able to carry more materials, you will not only be able to save a lot of time in travelling back and forth but, you will also be able to finish your project much quicker.

Whatever your next project idea may be, in this blog post we will show you how you can carry more materials with you so you can jump right into Grounded and get going.

It is worth noting that this may be quite difficult to obtain if you are a brand new player without much resources or knowledge of the game. But, if you have played it for a while, we are sure that you will be fine. Regardless, let’s get right into it.

Carrying More Materials in Grounded

Ant Armor

If you are wondering why we said that you may need some experience and resources in the game before you can have the amazing ability to carry more materials at any given point, that is because you need to craft the Ant Armor.

As you probably already know, every Armor in Grounded provides you with a range of different abilities. In this case, we are going to be looking closely at the Ant Armor as that is the one that will allow us to stack up to 8 grass planks or weed stems at one time.

To get this amazing ability and increase your hauling strength, you will need to complete Ant Armor set. This includes an Ant Helmet, an Ant Arm Guards, and finally, an Ant Knee Guards.

In order to craft each of the armor pieces, you will need the following ingredients.

Ant HelmetAnt Arm GuardsAnt Knee Guards
Ant Head1x
Ant Part3x5x6x
Acid Gland2x
Woven Fiber2x
Mite Fuzz5x2x4x

Now that you know what ingredients you need to successfully craft an Ant Armor set, continue reading as below, we will show you what bugs to kill and where to find them in order to get the loot that you need.

Finding the Ingredients for the Ant Armor Set

Now that you know what you need to craft the Ant Armor, lets walk you through where you can find the ingredients for each of the pieces.

Ant Head: Ant Head can be obtained by killing an ant. It is quite uncommon, therefore, you may need to kill a dozen before you get your hands on this ingredient. Ants can primarily be spotted in and around ant hills which is to the north right below the oak tree.

Ant Part: Just like the Ant Head, Ant Part can be obtained from ants in and around the Ant Hill area.

Acid Gland: Acid Gland can be found by killing Soldier Ants. Those bugs can be found defending the Ant Hills area. Do be careful when fighting them as they usually love fighting in groups. Also, you must certainly not forget about the Worker Ants which will too attack you if a Soldier Ant decides to battle with you.

Woven Fiber: In order to get Woven Fiber, you must first analyze the item and unlock it. Then, head off to collect Plant Fiber which are small green plants which can be found mainly in green grass areas around the map. Use those Plant Fiber to craft Woven Fiber. For every 3x Plant Fiber, you will get 1x Woven Fiber.

Mite Fuzz: Mite Fuzz can be obtained by killing Lawn Mites and looting their corpses. Those bugs can mainly be spotted around the center of the garden, however, they are also quite popular to the west and the east sides nearby flooded or dry grass areas.

After you successfully craft each piece of the Ant Armor set, and place it in the right slot of your inventory, you will automatically be able to carry more building materials.