Grub Hides are an essential resource in Grounded. It is only used for a handful of items but some are quite important for surviving in Grounded. This grub hide guide will talk about the details on how to farm for them and what they are used for.

How to Get Grub Hide

The only way to get Grub Hides is by killing grubs. They are found burrowed into the ground and can be seen when they are crawling underground.

You will need an Acorn Shovel which can be crafted with 2 Sprigs, 1 Woven Fiber and 1 Acorn Shell. Once you have crafted the Acorn Shovel, you can go out and look out for these tunneling creatures and farm them whenever you see them.

Do not worry if you see them stop tunneling because you can still dig them out with the Acorn Shovel as long as you remember where they stopped. If not, they will move eventually where they stopped. As shown in the video, I took my time before trying to dig out the grub to experiment whether they can still be dug out when they stop moving.

They can be seen inside caves and random areas around the backyard. They often spawn near the oak tree near the pond. There are times where you can find 2-3 of them in one area of the oak tree so it will be a good place to farm if you are looking specifically for Grub Hides or Grub Goops.

Make sure you leave plenty of space in your inventory when going out to farm for grubs. They not only drop Grub Hides but also drop Grub Goops and Raw Grub Meats. Raw Grub Meats can be irritating to carry as they are not stackable and there is no use in farming this much meat because they can spoil quickly.

What is Grub Hide Used For?

Grub Hides have numerous uses but the one important thing it will be used on will be in crafting the canteen to secure clean water. Getting this is high on the priority list because of how much it helps with survivability. You will most likely craft more than one of these and will require 3 Grub Hides for each one.

Grub Leggings Set

Grub Hides can also be used to create an armor set with a stamina bonus. The overall defensive stats on the whole Grub armor set will be average at best and is usually worn by kids who battle with the bow or who are looking to cut down grass or hammer some pebbles and saps.

Mite Hat Grounded

The Mite Hat offers Hyperstamina which should be prioritized in the whole set. Hyperstamina helps replenish stamina faster and goes well with the whole set.

It can also be used to craft both the Larvae Blade and the Weevil Shield. This is used mainly for combat and the Weevil Shield will be extremely useful for defense while fighting. The Larvae Blade will be quite niche and will be used mainly for the hit and run tactic because of the poison debuff it inflicts.


Grub Hides are easy to get once you start exploring with an Acorn Shovel. You just have to keep in mind that you need to farm these grubs every time you see them crawling in the ground. You will find a handful of these while doing other tasks like farming for Grass or Dry Grass so do not worry about needing these in high quantity as you do not need them consistently.