If you are only just getting started with Grounded, you already know how difficult it is to survive the game when you have minimal resources and equipment to fight off the monsters in the garden.

On top of that, if you have played the game for long enough and have collected some basic necessities such as food, you have probably experienced the event where your food has expired, making it unsuitable for consumption.

If that is the case and you are looking for a timely and effective solution, stick around. In today’s blog, we will show you what you can do to keep food from spoiling. So, if you have plenty of food, you can apply this strategy, and not have to worry about feeling hungry again for a while.

Preventing Food From Spoiling

The best way to prevent food from spoiling is to eat it while it’s fresh. However, if you have some in excess, you can quite simply make sure that you store it in a drying rack. There, your meat will not expire. Alternatively, you can cure the meat, which will make it practically last forever.

Note: If you do end up eating cured meat, make sure that you have some spare water as it will drain a small amount of your hydration upon consumption.

Making a Jerky Rack in Grounded

As we mentioned above, making a Jerky Rack is practically the only way to ensure that the meat you have collected doesn’t get spoiled and sent to waste. To make a Jerky Rack, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 5x Bombardier Part
  • 6x Woven Fiber

If you are unsure of how to find the above ingredients, please take a look below.

  • Bombardier Part – In order to get your hands on this ingredient, you will need to find and kill a Bombardier Beetle. While you can spot them pretty much all over the map, they mostly infest the south-eastern and north-western part of the back yard.
  • Woven Fiber – To get this ingredient, you will need to first get your hands on some Plant Fiber. They can be found pretty much all over the garden. You should look for small green plants that are about the size of your character. To be exact, every 3x Plant Fiber can be crafted into a single Woven Fiber. You can find Plant Fiber pretty much all over the back yard in Grounded.

How to Research a Jerky Rack

Before you decide to make a Jerky Rack, you first need to analyze and unlock it. You must find a Bombardier Beetle, and then pick up the parts that it drops. Then, you can begin to collect the remaining resources that you need.

Note: Before you jump into searching for a Bombardier Beetle, make sure that you are well equipped as those bugs aren’t exactly the easiest of the bunch to take out. We would recommend that you carry a bow with you if you have one so that you can deal some damage from distance before you enter the battle.

What Type of Food Can Be Stored in a Jerky Rack

In the Jerky Rack, you can store pretty much any kind of meat that you can loot from bugs in Grounded. The most popular types of meat that players from the community most preserve in the Jerky Rack are Aphid and Weevil meat.