There are plenty of Minecraft mods that add interesting tools and structures — and the Smeltery is one such multi-block contraption from the Tinkers’ Construct mod.

The mod allows you to modify and repair tools without anvils or iron, but it also adds a ton of new tools and weapons.

It also introduces the Smeltery, which allows you to melt Obsidian, Metal, Ingots, Oreberry, Gravel Ore, and Ore into liquids, and pour those into casts afterward. Basically, you can use it to melt down metals and ores for the creation of Alloys.

And unlike a typical furnace that yields a single ingot from one raw ore, the Smeltery yields two ingots.

If you’ve installed the Tinkers’ Construct mod and you want to learn how to make a Smeltery in Minecraft, we’ve got a detailed guide right here.

Smeltery Construction Guide

The first thing you’ll need is a Smeltery Controller — the key component of the smeltery. You can craft it by arranging Seared Bricks, another Tinkers’ Construct item.

Once you’ve crafted the Smeltery Controller the game will automatically give you a book called Mighty Smelting. After that, the rest of the process is easy: the book gives you detailed instructions on all the item types and quantities you need for a working smeltery.

As for the Smeltery itself, the construction process is easy — it’s ultimately just four walls and a floor, with certain requirements:

  1. The base floor is a 3×3 area covered in Seared Bricks. For the Smeltery to function properly, this space needs to stay open, so don’t place any blocks here; destroying them afterward won’t work.
  2. The wall must contain a Seared Tank.
  3. The wall must contain a Smeltery Controller.
  4. You need to attach a Smeltery Drain and Seared Faucet to the wall to extract ore from your Smeltery.

Beyond these required bricks, you can use any other bricks to complete the rest of the space. Once you’ve built the outer walls and the basins, your Smeltery’s footprint can be 7×7 maximum — but the core 3×3 floor space needs to stay open, and built with Seared Brick blocks.

Now that you know the basic building blocks (pun intended), we’ll go through the construction process step-by-step.

Step 1

Place the first layer of 3×3 Seared Bricks — the simplest way to do this is to make it level with the ground, making it flat with the surface around it. Then, you’ll build the Smeltery above that point.

Step 2

Build the second layer, and bear in mind that the blocks of the outer wall have to be outside of the Seared Bricks floor — it must remain empty. Also, place a Seared Tank and a Smeltery Controller somewhere in this second layer, it doesn’t matter where specifically.

Once your Smeltery Controller shows a visible fire particle, you’ll know you’ve succeeded.

Step 3

It’s time to build the third layer of bricks.

Again, the bricks you use aren’t important as long as the layer also contains a Smeltery Drain, Casting Table, and Seared Faucet — these will allow you to draw your molten metal from the Smeltery.

Step 4

All that’s left is to add some Lava to your Seared Tank. For that you’ll need a Lava Bucket. Also, the Seared Tank can hold four Lava Buckets simultaneously.

Voilà — you’re done! As you can see, the Smeltery is prone to customization: you can add more drains, and make the walls out of anything you want as long as the basic Smeltery blocks are there.

It can also be taller, allowing you to smelt more simultaneously. Just remember to leave the 3×3 floor space empty!

Using The Smeltery

You can use the Smeltery to melt metals and ores for the casting of Alloys. Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Use Lava Buckets to fill up the Seared Tank.
  2. Put your blocks, ingots, or ores into the Smeltery Controller.
  3. Wait for the Smeltery to melt them — the amount of time needed varies from material to material.
  4. Empty the resulting liquid into a Casting Basin or Casting Table via your Seared Faucet.
  5. Let the liquid cool.

Remember, the only way to add materials to the Smeltery is via the Smeltery Controller — actually putting them in the Smeltery space yourself won’t work.

Here are the materials you can melt in a Smeltery:

  • Steel
  • Alumite
  • Obsidian
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Manyullyn
  • Ardite
  • Cobalt
  • Iron