A flower pot is a unique decorative block in Minecraft that acts just as you would expect it to. It can hold different plants and flowers inside it.

The process to make a pot is simple and also quite fun.

In this article, we’ll look at how to make a pot in Minecraft and how to use them creatively in your builds, too.

If you want to make them in large quantities, consider getting your hands on a blast furnace beforehand. Clay has many other uses, after all.

Minecraft Flower Pot Recipe

  • 3 clay bricks

There is a bit of a process that you have to commit to when making a flower pot.

Before you can get the clay bricks you use to make it you have to first of all find clay. Just like in real life, clay can be found and mined in river biomes.

When broken, these blocks will turn into clay balls which can be collected.

Minecraft Clay

Once collected, you will have to process them.

Putting clay balls in a furnace or blast furnace will allow you to smelt them, turning them into clay bricks. These are what you need to make your pot.

Be sure to not smelt whole clay blocks.

Once you have your 3 clay bricks, arrange them like so to get your flower pot.

Minecraft Flower Pot Recipe

Finding Flower Pots

Flower pots can also be found naturally in the world of Minecraft in different places. When found they can be simply broken and collected.

The easiest place you can find them is in a village, mainly in the plains and savannah biomes.

In these villages they are used for decoration and contain a plant inside them.

The other place where you can find them are woodland mansions.

How to Use a Pot

The pot is rather simple to use.

You can place them on any solid block or surface. They are pretty small and because of their size the types of flowers and plants they can hold also have to be small.

The plants a flower pot can hold are:

  • mushrooms
  • fungus
  • short flowers
  • saplings
  • dead bushes
  • cacti
  • bamboo
  • azaleas
  • mangrove propagules
  • roots

If you are unsure if a certain plant can fit in a flower pot or not, check its height. Usually plants that are taller than a block do not fit, such as tall ferns, peony, lilac, and rose bushes.

Minecraft Potted Flowers

Decorating With a Flower Pot

A flower pot does not need to be used just to place flowers down as a center piece on the table. Like with any block in Minecraft, you can get really creative.

Just like sea cucumber, you can use flower pots to imitate a drinking cup.

Placing a flower pot around kitchen shelves, with ferns and dead bushes in them makes them look like herbs growing.

Japanese house kitchen

There are many other ways to use them, especially in very detailed builds.

I enjoy using my flower pots on top of walls and fences or lamp posts to add an additional level of detail to whatever I may be building.

What to Do Next

Despite all the different ways you may be able to use a flower pot, it is still the best to use it the classic way.

Using it to place down your significant others favorite flower and placing it down to be a center piece in a small romantic build for the two of you may be the perfect use.