Hot zones are undoubtedly one of the most powerful features that you will want to unlock early on in your NBA 2K21 career if you want to stand a chance against other good players. Whether you are completely new to the NBA 2K franchise or are looking for some tips on this years ‘hot zones’, then stick around.

In this blog post, we will show you how to unlock hot zones, explain what hot zones are, and explain to you how hot zones work & if they have changes since NBA 2K20.

What Are Hot Zones in NBA 2K21?

The shooting area, starting from the three pointer line all the way to the post is split in 16 different zones. With time, you can unlock each one, which will make your shooting from that particular area into the basket a lot more accurate.

If you unlock the ‘hot spots’ near the basket, your scoring chances will also improve when you are implementing post moves when you try to outplay your opponents. Those ‘hot zones’ can be unlocked by simply shooting successful shots and scoring in the basket. You will also need to be playing real matches in order to unlock the ‘hot spots’ on the court.

Bare in mind that for each game mode within 2K21, you will need to start over when it comes to unlocking the different ‘hot spots’ as they quite simply do not get carried over. It can be a bit of a grind to obtain all zones across all off the different game mode, however, if you are a big 2K fan, and play the game a lot, it will definitely be worth the time.

How Do Hot Zones Work?

As you start to obtain more and more ‘hot spots’ on the basketball court, your shooting from those particular areas on the court will become much more accurate. This means that even if you don’t get the perfect green every time, by shooting from a ‘hot zone’ that you have unlocked, the likelyhood of scoring the ball in the basket increases quite significantly.

While we cannot be sure on the exact maths and probability, if you have played 2K games before, you would know that shooting from ‘hot spots’ will just make your overall play much more easier, and more enjoyable.

Note: When grinding out games for hot spots, we would recommend that you set each quarter to 5 minutes rather than the full length of 12. This is quite simply going to make the process a lot quicker for you. But, if you are trying to enjoy the game to its fullest, and are trying to get the ‘hot spots’ the proper way, then sticking to full-length matches is an option that you can go for.

Have Hot Zones Changed in 2K21?

The short answer that you are looking for is no. Hot zones have not changed a whole lot in 2K21 as compared to 2K20. In fact, if you have played the older version of the game, you can pretty much apply the same strategy NBA 2k21.