Wonder how to increase physical attributes in NBA 2K21 beyond purchasing expensive VC? In today’s article, I am going to show you in detail one simple yet very effective method that you can do to add extra points to all physical attributes on your player in MyCareer/MyPlayer. Those physical attributes include your player’s speed, acceleration, vertical, strength, and stamina.

Training Facility

nba 2k21 gatorade training facility

The best way to improve the physical attributes of your player is to simply attend the training facility where you are going to complete a series of drills which will determine the boost of points that you are going to get added to your player’s attributes for that week.

You can complete the workouts in the training facility once every week and the boost to your physical attributes will last for 7 days. Unfortunately to say, if you only attend the training facility and manage to get a +4 speed boost from running on the treadmill and decide to call it a day, you are not going to get a boost at all.

Instead, what you need to do is complete at least one drill for every single physical attribute in order for the individual boost to count. Yes, it can be quite annoying and it can take quite some time to do every week but it is worth it and can definitely better your player to a significant amount.

Note: If it is your first time trying out the training facility, I would recommend that you continue reading further as I will break down each of the drills for more clarity so that you can get a +4 boost on each of the physicals consistently.

How to Get +4 Bonus on Every Drill

How to Get 4 Bonus on Every Drill

While the workouts are fairly simple to grasp, it is easy to mess up along the way, which will hamper your optimal potential in receiving the maximum point boost for some of the physical attributes. Therefore, read closely as I will explain how to best do each of the drills for all 5 physicals.


For speed, you can either do sprints or treadmill. After trying out both, I can comfortably say that treadmill is by far the easiest to do, and unless you want to challenge yourself and risk messing up, I’d say that you should stick to treadmills. The only thing you need to do is press L2 & R2 on Playstation 4 or LT & RT on Xbox. The bigger distance you cover the more bonus you are going to get. Typically, if you can cover over 120m in the given time frame, you will receive a +4 boost for your speed physical.


Acceleration is perhaps the easiest physical to get a +4 bonus on. You can pick from either completing an agility ladder or an agility hurdles exercise. I personally like doing the latter as it is easier, and to get a +4 bonus, you need to complete it in under 12 seconds or less.

To execute the agility hurdles correctly, you must push the left and right analog sticks in the direction that appears on the screen. Then, each correct command will clear a hurdle. Your accuracy is quite important especially as the margin for error gets smaller after each hurdle.


Out of all 5 physicals, I think that the vertical is the hardest to get a +4 bonus. You can pick between three different workouts which include box jumps, leg press, and clean lift. I think that the leg press exercise is the easiest to complete out of the lot and to get a +4 bonus on your vertical, you will need to get a minimum of 13 reps in 45 seconds.

In order to complete the exercise, you need to move the Left Analog Stick and the Right Analog Stick up simultaneously to keep the ball balanced on the bar. Then, release both of the sticks at the right time to finish your rep.

Note: If you get stuck on one of the reps, tap “X” or “Square” to recover as quickly as possible before your next rep attempt.


To get a boost on your strength, you can pick between doing dumbbells, bench press, or squats. I personally think that the easiest one to do is dumbells. To get +4 strength, you need to do 14 reps or more. In order to get to 14 reps, for each rep, you must start out with tapping “X” for Xbox One or “Square” for PS4 as fast as you can. Then, click RT & LT or R2 & L2 simultaneously to finish the rep. The reps are quite easy to do at the start and get more difficult as you continue doing the exercise.


And finally, your stamina. You can pick from doing either Battle Ropes and Medicine Ball. I’d recommend that you stick with the first one as it is just easier to do. In order to complete the drill properly, you need to alternate between your left analog stick and your right analog stick up and down to match the movement of the rope.

Note: It’s important that you stay in rhythm and get as many successful combinations as you can in 45 seconds. Get 120+ and you will get your +4 boost to your stamina.

And that is all. I hope that you have found all the information useful, and I hope that it will help you get +4 on every single one of your physicals every single week.