The floater is one of the greatest moves ever created particularly for small guards who have trouble finishing in the paint with the frontcourt players towering over them. It is a crucial move to learn and it is one of the hardest moves to block because of its quick release and high arcing shot. This guide will simply teach you how to do a floater in NBA 2K21.

What is a Floater?

A floater is a basketball move where the offensive player uses a high arcing shot to ‘float’ the ball into the basket. It is usually used where you are far enough to make a layup and close enough to get your jump shot blocked by taller defenders. It is used mainly to get the ball past these tall defenders and float it over them with a high-arcing quick-release shot.

Some of the players have their own move set where they would use runners and teardrops but they are all the same. The goal is just to get the high arcing shot over the taller defender and the only difference is how the player sets up or lines up the high arcing shot.

Notable players with great floaters

  • Chris Paul
  • Stephen Curry
  • James Harden
  • Luka Doncic
  • Damian Lillard

How to Do a Floater

The most simple way to do a floater is to use the right analog stick and aim it away from the basket. You have to be just far enough that the player will not attempt a layup and close enough to not go for a step back or fade away.

It is easier to do when your player has enough momentum and you just have to time it while near the free-throw line. The floater also depends on the settings you use and how the right analog stick is programmed to function.

If it is based on the camera angle or if it is absolute. The difference is just that the first one is based on the camera angle where you aim the right analog stick away from the basket based on the angle. The second one is based on the player and his position from the basket.

Some might favor using the absolute setting because of how the camera can adjust especially on a fast break. If you are already used to the camera angle setting from the 2K series, there are no significant advantages between both control settings.

Each of these floaters are different for each player. As you may already know from choosing your own move sets for your player, these floaters, runners, and teardrops are all animated or executed differently. Some are a bit slower while some require a fast release. It is best to memorize and master a specific floater so you can easily time the release on each shot.

While it differs from every player when you play an NBA game, this one is only applicable to your own player as you have control over your move sets.

Benefits of Using a Floater

Doncic Floater 2 1

The quick-release makes it insanely hard to time for the block but it is also hard to time the excellent release. It takes a lot of skill to even get a great release every time but it will be effective to use for small guards.

The best way to utilize the floater is by using the pick and roll to good use. As a guard handling the ball, you would call for a good pick and make sure to keep an eye on both defenders. Make sure you leave no space for the defender to sneak in when using the pick so that your defender has only two options.

His options are to sag and defend the drive or switch and let the big try to contest the shot. In most occasions, you will want to penetrate to the basket after a pick and when they switch, it will be easy to go past the bigger defender.

You will have the option to pass to your rolling or popping teammate if they try to defend your drive. If the defender tries to guard both of you after passing by the first defender who switched, you can use an uncontested floater to finish the play.

The Tear Dropper badge will provide a good boost specifically to help floaters and runners score more often and it is almost a must-have for point guards who are also looking to be a threat to score when driving to the basket instead of just being able to kick the ball out.


The quick-release can be hard to master as it can be different for all the guards and it can be heavily dependent on how you are positioned to the basket and if there is a defender right in front of you. You should also try turning off the shot meter to perfect the timing better if you are playing different players all the time and not specifically your MyPlayer.