VC or Virtual Coins are the lifeblood of NBA 2K21 since it was introduced. Every game mode will pump out VCs for you to acquire and most game modes will require VCs to unlock certain aspects of the game mode such as stat increases for your own player, upgrading your organization, or opening card packs to collect players.

This guide will focus more on the MyCareer game mode and how to earn more VC in NBA 2K21.

The VC Grinding Strategies

There are various ways you can get VCs and it is acquired from most of the game modes available in 2K21. These are the ways you can get VCs consistently from playing specifically the MyCareer game mode.

A+ teammate grades

A Teammate Grade

The main way to get VC is in MyCareer is to play some games and gain some fans in the process. You will be rewarded based on your overall performance which is dictated by certain plays that increase your teammate grade. There are also raw VC you can get from just getting points, assists, rebounds, and most of the statistics in the game.

Teammate grades are what can give you another boost in VC after the end of the game. To get an A+ teammate grade every time, you should remember playing the game as efficiently as possible, and here are the strategies you can do to help you get that VC.

Remember to jog your way back and refrain from holding the sprint as much as possible. This will give you more energy in the long run to do more valuable things to give you a boost to your grade. Leaving your assignment while walking down the court will just readjust you to the nearest opposing play near you.

You will have your teammates switch with you for your assignments so do not worry that much about getting back on defense with a sprint. In a real game, you will get scolded for doing this but you are here for the VC.

Play the passing lane instead of just spamming the steal button. It is more effective in getting steals and swiping at defenders is just good when you are playing tight defense when they are about to make their move.

When you play the passing lane, even just tapping the ball will get you some additional bonuses to your grade and if a teammate gets to the ball, you get credited for the steal. Swiping the ball and committing a personal foul will greatly decrease your grade so it has a big risk that is not worth taking.

Game Recap VC 1

You can get a small grade bonus when you keep rotating the ball around the court. Keep passing the ball and watch for pesky defenders who are playing the passing lane which they will seldom do. You can immediately get the ball back when you pass it so it is an effective way of getting the ball movement bonus. Good and crisp passes also give you a slight bonus to your grade. This only happens when the pass goes fast and is caught quickly without any deflections.

Great defense is a huge boost to getting bonuses for your teammate’s grade. Contesting shots will give you an adequate amount of grade and is easier to finish with high on-ball defending and high lateral quickness statistics. You can even get away with getting this bonus with an uncontested layup from an opponent as long as you are just near the paint with them because your player will automatically contest it by raising their hand a little if you are facing them.

The best bonus you can get from this is getting the consecutive defensive stop bonuses. If you nail down your opponent’s score because they keep missing their shots, you will get this bonus every time after they miss their 4th-5th attempt on offense. This is a marvelous strategy to focus on because opposing players in the early parts of your MyCareer journey will be horrible players with bad stats.

You should remember that getting points through forcing tough shots or even slightly contested shots will not earn you teammate grade boost even though it gives you VC from the scored points. It is best to make use of your teammates and create plays for the team which is why it is called a teammate grade.

Pick and rolls will be your best option for the offensive side of things when it comes to getting a better teammate grade. Keep setting a pick and roll on every play and wait for your big man to either roll to the basket or even pop for a mid-range shot. You will get multiple bonuses from this where you can get an assist, a great pass, and a pass leading to a foul.

You can also play off the ball and ask for screens with the same method. This can give you enough space for a shot and get a good shot selection bonus even if it does not go in.

The Neighborhood Dailies

The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood is just a place where you can hang around with your player and relax. There will be a daily bonus available from this tab in MyCareer which you can do for a good amount of VC just by playing the game. Make sure to check this tab every single day and finish the challenge for a consistent supply of VC. Some challenges may take a couple of games but it is fine because you will also earn VCs separate from it the challenge.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

Agent Selection

During the course of your MyCareer journey, you will end up choosing your own agent to sign with that will be crucial to your VC earnings. The brands can be seen under each agent where you can sign contracts and complete goals with them to earn a hefty amount of VC.

There will be certain conditions to be met and you will need a fan base to be able to negotiate with particular brands. Some brands will require fewer fans but give less VC and you will always choose the bigger return.

These agents will earn commissions from these sponsorships and Archie Baldwin will take less from these commissions in return for having less favorable deals with sponsorships. Personally, I do not mind going with either agent because you are playing MyCareer.

You should be immersed enough from the story to choose for yourself whether to go for Archie or Harper. In the long run, Harper will earn you more VC but not that significant from Archie’s options.


There are more ways you can get VC and everything is shared. You can play a few quick matches with friends and still earn VC to be used anywhere. You can even boost your player to have an overall rating of 99 as early as senior high if you get enough VC for upgrades and max out all your potential.

It will be a tireless grind to do so because the last few points can be quite expensive per point purchased as the cost scales. You can choose to grind from other game modes but it is also possible to play MyCareer with just a few VCs to work with if you follow the strategies above.