Getting a 99 rating for your player is probably the longest and most mind-numbing grind you will have to do in NBA 2K21. While it is a long grind to the top, there are various ways you can accomplish this feat. This article will teach you how to get a 99 rating through knowing how to grind VCs efficiently and untapping your potential to increase your maximum rating.

Grinding VCs in Every Game Mode

VCs are the main way to increasing your stats. You will have to grind as much VCs as you can to get those attribute points especially the last few points that are going to be costly. The most common way of getting VCs is playing MyCareer. It is discussed more in this separate article.

Grinding Quick Play VCs

There are ample VCs to grind in Quick Play and the amount of VCs acquired will depend on how long the game is. If you normally play for 5 minutes a quarter, you will earn significantly less than playing 10 minutes. This logic also works for games in MyCareer. If you can get a teammate grade of A+ in just 5 minutes per quarter, it will be faster to earn VC playing at 5 minutes per quarter in the game settings.

I suggest starting with 10 minutes per quarter because it will be harder to get a higher teammate grade or perform better with a great stat line every game when you still have an abysmal rating. You can earn the same amount of VCs in salary even if you play badly.

It is also a great strategy to do when the team or coach does not give you enough minutes to play in a game. You will earn more VCs while spending less time playing a game but it will be a setback for your rookie year if you want a decent stat average.

If you play with lower minutes per quarter all the time, badge grinding will be more difficult as well. Badges are important to any player build along with their attribute point upgrades and points. It is not purchasable with VC which makes it another separate grind for each player build.

Grinding MyLeague VCs

Playing MyLeague is also a great source of VCs. It is my personal favorite game mode to play and it is the only game mode you can earn VCs without even playing a game. Simulating games in MyLeague can earn you some VCs which does not require you to play games at all. If you do choose to play those games, you can also earn VCs just like playing any other games depending on the number of minutes per quarter.

You might get tempted to purchase a few upgrades while playing MyLeague so I suggest focusing on one objective at a time. So if you plan on playing MyLeague just for farming VCs, you can simulate and casually play it and just make another MyLeague playthrough if you want to play it more seriously.

Grinding MyTeam VCs

MyTeam can also net you a few VCs but it is mostly played for farming seasonal cards or players and farming MyTeam tokens. It is not recommended to play this for farming VCs but if you want to collect cards and players from different generations, you will have to spend all your VCs in this game mode to even have a chance.

Other ways to grind VCs

Another underrated way in getting VCs is just by answering questions during the loading screen. You will occasionally see questions pop up in the NBA 2KTV loading screens and you will get 100-200 VCs just by answering one. This is a great bonus just for pressing a button so make sure you answer them every time they come up.

VCs can also be earned daily through the MyNBA 2K21 app. You have to wait for the events to show up or until they implement this but it will come soon after its release. The last resort for getting VCs is buying it with real money. The VCs are priced at the following prices.

  • 5,000 VC for $1.99
  • 15,000 VC for $4.99
  • 35,000 VC for $9.99
  • 75,000 VC for $19.99
  • 200,000 VC for $49.99
  • 450,000 VC for $99.99

MyCareer Team Practices

NBA MyCareer Team Practice

In MyCareer, you will notice team practices scheduled a day before your game. This is the key objective you need to do if you want to reach that 99 rating mark. The potential attribute points you have distributed during your player build cannot get maxed out without this. You will notice that there is an “Attribute Upgrade Points Available” when you try to increase your attributes.

MyCareer Training Recap

This is one way they limit players from just flat out paying VCs to get to the highest rating as fast as possible. Players will still have to grind out attribute point upgrades through team practices to be able to reach a 99 rating for your player.

There will be a total of 3 different drills you will have to play for every scheduled team practice. Drills will rate you by 1 up to 3 stars based on your performance and most of these drills are fairly easy. The only drill I found difficult was the up and under drill for my point guard because of how hard it is to post someone up when you are extremely undersized.

The best way I dealt with it is by backing down and immediately half spinning my way inside and posting up again. After I post up again for the second time, I am already near the basket and I would just fake and do the up and under with great timing.

These drills will give you enough points to earn badges as well. It all depends on the type of drill you are doing and you will receive a hefty boost to that attribute class badge if you complete it with 3 stars.


It is going to take weeks of playing regularly to even obtain this 99 rating mark. Some players can do it under a week but that is with playing the game for more than 12 hours a day or even pulling out the wallet to buy some VCs. It is a long tedious grind and it should be that way because that is what real players go through every time which makes it MyCareer more immersive. Keep track of how VCs are earned from the guide above and just play what you feel like playing.